19 Years ago = NYC Irony

I know of at least two other male Memphians who have lived at least some of this story. First, let me take you back some 19 years ago. Picture a 5 foot 7 inch boy  who is taking his girlfriend up to NYC for a weekend Christmas getaway. In the right pocket of said boy’s winter coat is an engagement ring that he had to promise oral gratification to a jeweler in order to get it done in time. They go through security at Memphis International Airport. Naturally he gets pulled aside because he ‘dinged’ when he walked through the metal detector. They get to New York and can you imagine which person’s hotel reservations got jacked up and gets a room that is literary large enough for a bed, TV and bathroom?  Now the master plan is to do the “will you marry me” at the tree at Rockefeller Center. Can you guess what the weather was 19 years ago today….piss cold rain. We are not talking about a drizzle, we are talking about a rain that will annoy even the English or residents of Seattle. With some quick thinking the deal gets done, she says yes… 19 years later those two crazy kids now live in the Upper East Side.

IMG_9893This is our mouse pad and yep those are those two crazy kids. Who would have guessed that they would be living in NYC some 19 years later.

Shutterfly pictureShe hasn’t aged one bit, my old ass….well I do have approval on any comments so be warned now!

RMT we good now?




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