The Damn Neighbor…

We seem to be walking down memory lane this week so allow me to recap what we did past weekend. You guys remember Hurricane Katrina that hit NOLA back in the day?  Well the funny thing about one of the worst disasters to the gulf coast is that it brought up some great people into our lives that  probably would never happened. After the hurricane hit New Orleans all of the Hot Dog Vendor reps that were working in the French Quarter got transferred to Memphis. We had a Harvard Grad, a Bama Grad who was married to a Memphis Grad, we even had a Canadian and someone from Jersey. Because we were from the south, we welcomed them with open arms and we had some fun back in the day.  Sadly I don’t think that there are any of the original cast left but that’s cool. We know where they live and “Hey AGM, you will never ban me!  I went through some old pictures that I can always post to the Book of Face.” I kid, I am smart enough to never get into a fight with a Canadian who drove a 300 with a pimped out grill and 20’s.

Cutting to the chase, this past weekend our former next door neighbor invited us up to Atlantic City for a fun weekend of good drink, food, and laughs. Here is a snapshot of what we did and I sadly I didn’t find a picture of the damned Bridge! Hey RJ, you have a pic of that bridge?

IMG_0842We didn’t drink any beer back in the day. Not at all.

IMG_3188The Southside is so much cooler, we didn’t have any ghetto hats……


The Atlantic City Boardwalk!


You know a joint is good when they have the Virgin Mother and saint candles in the kitchen.


My boy JD and yours truly! I just hope he remembered to move the effin Elf!

That’s it for the pics, that is all that I plan on posting… this time!


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