First Ave closed until further notice because of bad bricks

This past Thursday after work we decided to head down to our favorite pub and have a drink. We like Baker Street Pub because the bartenders are friendly and having happy hour specials doesn’t hurt either. The bar is on First Avenue at 63rd street and is walking distance from our joint on First Avenue. It was the same bar that we were heading to when we got to see the Pope back in September. On our journey we notice that, once again, the NYPD bike rack was up and NYPD were not letting folks go beyond 64th street. We asked an officer what was up and he told us that the building that had the bricks fall off of it earlier in the week had some more bricks fall off it. All of the businesses on First between 63rd and 64th were dark and closed since no traffic was allowed past the barricades.   We decided to head to our second favorite bar The Subway Inn on Second and 59th and walked down York to get around the No Traffic Zone. Well we saw the bricks that fell and I am hoping that the establishments will be open soon.


Here is the “bad” building. Notice the scaffolding and netting on the South Side of the building. I swear  if I ever wanted to be a multi millionaire I would have opened a scaffolding company.


Just past the Liquor Neon sign is Baker Street. Locked up tighter than Dick’s Hatband.


Yeah, I would say that this is a problem…I understand that they evacuated the building after this happened.


And Thanks for the heads up Fox News, could have used this earlier!

May none of your bars be closed due to faulty bricks this week.


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