2015 > 2016 The Year in Review

New Year’s Eve and Day or as I like to think of them; hangovers, amateurs with vomit on their shoes and packed gyms at least till mid-February.  A time to reflect, a time to remember, and a time for some spoiled little shits who overshare on every social media outlet saying how bad 2015 was because they weren’t gifted with an accomplishment that they didn’t deserve. Ok, enough deep thoughts with Carbunkle Trumpet, let’s get onto the meat and potatoes of my traditional posts.

2015 was a great year both personally and professionally for the Trumpets. Sure, you are saying that the move to NYC was huge and a big part but we still had some great stuff happen this past year. Let’s roll back and try to recap some stuff that happened to us and to some friends of ours. *if I missed something I do apologize, I wrote this list on the subway the other day*

The Good from 2015

  • Decided that I would ‘work smarter, not harder’ and restructured some of my more demanding clients and had a very successful MIM with a new client.
  • Mrs. Trumpet must have called off her 4 year affair with her Anesthesiologist because she didn’t have any surgeries in 2015 and we didn’t meet any medical insurance deductibles.  #screwyoucancer
  • The move to NYC for Mrs. Trumpet’s position as head bed pan washer
  • CBT acquired a great job with a great company here in NYC and am looking forward to a very successful 2016
  • Aunt Terry received his college degree and we are very proud of him for doing so
  • CBT’s little sister finally decided to quit living in sin and got hitched
  • 2nd place in Gravy for Italian Festival
  • Became a Godfather (no not the movie kind) to a friend of ours child. This is kind of scary as if something ever happens to JK or SM then ole CBT is up to bat. I do kid and am honored to do the gig.
  • Got to see the Pope, Saturday Night Live, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Damien Echols and a bunch of stuff that you read about in the papers.
  • Got to eat a bunch of killer joints and have food that normally I wouldn’t eat in a million years.
  • The Stork was a busy bird this year as we said hello to ARH, T-Rex, JL, CG, and a bunch of other children that I am sure I am forgetting.
  • Mrs. CBT circled the sun 50 times this year as well as some others. They celebrated in Key West and nobody got thrown in Jail.
  • We made a trip down to Mexico for Spring break this past March and got to watch the Lady killer realize that in Mexico they don’t necessarily speak English. Or that the food is 100% like On the Border or some other fast food chains.
  • Because of our move to NYC we were able to catch up, rekindle, and start some great friendships with our NYC friends.

Now with the Good come some bad

  • We said goodbye to friends who have gone but we know they are looking down on us and are happy. We will miss you Colin #screwyoucancer
  • With our move to NYC we had to leave behind some great friends and family. Here is to hoping that when we see them again it will be like we pick up from where we left it.
  • I am sure there are some other items that weren’t the greatest but I will end it here.


Fun Facts that we have encountered while living up here in NYC

  • 1113 and 17  – miles and hours driving from MEM to NYC
  • 1423 – pounds of clothes, art and kitchen stuff that we moved up to NYC
  • 0 – Miles driven in NYC by CBT and Mrs. CBT while living at Coleman Tower
  • 1000 +/- subway, train and bus rides taken by CBT while living in NYC
  • 29.4 pound lost by CBT by not eating fried and or fast food since living in NYC
  • 1M – number of F-Bombs heard while living here in NYC
  • 200 – number of F-Bombs that have come out of my mouth (really is bad when I do it in front of nuns)
  • 1.2 Total number of hours of college football seen since living here in NYC
  • 16 – Total games that the Giants and Jets are telecast here in NYC
  • 1.8 – number of boxes of cigars that CBT has smoked since living here in NYC. (that number is fairly low folks)
  • 153 out of 153 – Number of days CBT has worn black clothing. (hey I got to blend somehow)
  • 350 – Number of times someone has asked “What kind of an accent is that? Where the Feck you from kid?”
  • 0 – joints that I have found that carry everything that I need on a full shopping list up here. Seriously I went to 4 grocery store chains to find Black Eyed Peas for New Year’s Day
  • 0 – inches of snow that NYC has seen since the Trumpets moved to the Big Apple. LET’S KEEP IT THAT WAY!

We are hoping that ARH is not taking after her daddy in the hair department.


Little Sister got hitched!


One of the greatest guys that I have ever shared a beer with.


Again, what does this stupid sign mean?


We may have eaten at a couple of cool joints this year. Per Sey Chance?


All is right with the world, My Aunt Bette and the Trumpets are back together again!

Happy New Year and thanks for reading this worthless dribble of a blog.



  1. I’m sick of this. Is there room for me to live with you?! I can’t be quiet, but I can stay outta the way. AND I could take care of the lil bastid! I’m packing right now. I need a vacation.


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