Balls, it is cold as Balls

You remember in the movie “JAWS” when Matt Hooper is at Chief Brody’s house and Mrs. Brody is telling Hooper how Chief hates the water? The next comment that was said “who lives on an island that is afraid of the water?” It is a valid point and it could be applied today in “Who hates cold weather but moves up to the North East?” Yep ole Karma has squarely bitten me on the arse because all those years of busting Nova, the Illegal Alien now living in Chicago, and KLC Man’s chops for the cold arse winters they are now getting their revenge. Now let’s clear the 11 degree air first shall we? It isn’t that I hate cold weather, it is that I just don’t like it. Watching the news last night they interviewed a heavily accented Ukrainian woman and she was saying that cold weather is better for you; “It make you sleep better, and more babies made during winter months.” Go back to your cold war country you Commie! Give me 75 degree weather and I am a happy man!

I am really going to date myself but I recall in the movie “Less Than Zero” when Andrew McCarthy’s character was heading to school and Robert Downey Jr’s character was saying “You are moving to Vermont, Long Underwear, Down Jackets, and L.L. Bean.” When we got up here  5 months ago to the day, I found out that Vermont was a quick 2 hour drive from here. Yeah, I moved up to the Great White North, I now know why all my Belizean buddies go down in February for a week…..they got to thaw out!  Don’t worry, I am sure I will be fine, it isn’t like I can’t do anything about the weather so if you see a short person walking down the street who can’t put his arms down, that would be me!

I got this! “I think”


Oh this is going to hurt!


If you can’t make fun of yourself then what is the point!!!!


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