It took 157 days to become a potty mouth

Well friends and neighbors, it finally happened after living here on this island called Manhattan. If you took the under then congratulations as you are a winner on Powerball Saturday. I am not particularly proud of my actions and probably should be heading down to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to throw a couple bones into the offertory rather than entering this blog post. Let me first paint you picture of what happened after living here 5 months and 4 days. 

Picture a jam packed and jelly tight 6 Train heading uptown to Pelham Bay Park, in the 5th subway car is yours truly. I am standing in the middle of the packed car minding my own business and trying not to think about the fact that I have to pee or the annoying guy with his ear buds so loud you can hear it in New Jersey. We arrive at the 68th Street Hunter College stop, I start my way to the exit of the car as people are moving in the direction to the open door. I am 5 feet from the exit when an older gentleman decides that he wants to secure a spot on the rail and reaches his arm up to hold the rail. The man is blocking my exit so I look at him and say “excuse me, I am trying to get off.” The gentleman doesn’t budge. I again say “excuse me sir, I am trying to get off” and dude doesn’t move or express any emotion. As I meander under his outstretched something like you see kids on the playground do during recess it happens. Forgive me Father for I have sinned. Ladies and Gentlemen Carbunkle Trumpet issued his first “Are you Fucking kidding me? What an Asshole!” while I am passing the guy. I am assuming with my accent and the fact that the now christened F-Tard was clearly in the wrong I get a couple laughs from the packed subway car. So there you have it. It took only 157 days for Carbunkle Trumpet to issue his first public F-Bomb! I guess the only thing left for me to do is now master how to order sushi and not look like an asshole.

3Yep, you are number 1!

4They say that New York is full of Freaks and Weird People. No wonder we love living up here so much! Sadly we are going to see Boo at Ginny’s Supper Club tomorrow so we won’t be able to go No Pants. The Carol let me know if you want to crash on our couch if you are going to come up here for it.


Have a good Saturday!


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