Below the streets is a Steam Room and a Keg Party!

I had mentioned on an earlier blog post that this past Sunday was No Pants Subway rides and as much as I wanted to join the rest of the CB’s (Crazy Bastards) I figured against it. I can say that living up here you see a lot of odd things that normal people would stop, point, take a picture, and probably upload to Snapchat.  New Yorkers, they keep on walking and pass it off as just another weirdo. Case in point, I encountered a long haired European looking fella wearing cargo shorts (Shout out to my boy Jon Roser) a Tank Top, combat boots and to offset the 17 degree weather we were experiencing this morning a full length mink coat.  It was just another day on the 7 train.  

I have encountered two things on the streets of NYC that well, as much as I think that I have assimilated to NYC living, I find very odd. One item is the ominous steam vent pipe on various streets in Manhattan and I still can’t get used to. I get that ConEd still has buildings that they provide heat to and there are a majority of older buildings that have radiator heat but why all the vent relief pipes? Two of them popped up on my walk to the subway in the past month and it begs the question. Why all of a sudden do we have to vent that steam now? I would think that if it is colder then the buildings would need all the heat it can get therefore the demand would great so why do we have to heat the outdoors?

Another thing that I see on the streets of Manhattan would be the large Nitrogen tanks that you see at restaurants in the south to supply beer gas to the taps. These rather large tanks are normally on the corners of the intersections and you see a small hose running into the ground. The question that begs to be answered is “Where is this Keg Party underground?” But what really pisses me off about this is “Why the hell wasn’t I invited?” I mean come on Jo, Gary, and Chris at Baker Street Pub, why didn’t you tell me about this underground keg party? Anyway, if anyone knows why NY Streets have to vent steam and keep something cold or full of CO2 can you help a brother out?

cq5dam.web.1280.1280New Pope?

untitledWe have a keg party at E73rd and 5th Avenue – Bring Beer Nuts!

Have a good day!





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