Carbunkle attends an Off Broadway show

Carbunkle Trumpet did what? Did you really read that right? Carbunkle “I would rather masturbate with a cheese grater than attend a play” Trumpet really go see an off Broadway show this past weekend? Yes he went to a show but no, I wouldn’t consider this show a traditional “Off Broadway” performance. We had some friends in town this past weekend so we had a great dinner at DaNico in Little Italy on Saturday night and Sunday we attended Fuerza Bruta on Sunday. Without going into much detail, we attended an earlier show about 10 years ago and this past performance did not disappoint either. I will just say that if you are not a fan of loud music, strobe lights and a ‘club vibe’ then you may want to forgo this show. If that doesn’t bother you then by all means get some tickets, you won’t be disappointed.

Selfie SticksFun with a Selfie Stick on Canal Street

IMG_0183Running Man during the show

IMG_0182High Energy Show, I would go back!

IMG_0184Um, CBT, you drinking again while posting? What is that? It looks like half naked women on visqueen swimming in some water. Oh and this is going on 20 feet over your head too.

IMG_0186Like I said, this is a show you need to go see if you like high energy stuff

IMG_0187My Fun-employed Pool Buddy from 7 years ago!

IMG_0180No lies being told here, not at all!

Good to see our friends from Chicago, NOLA and Memphis. Love you guys.



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