Have you been to Zabars yet?

Yes I admit it openly, I have lived on this rock for 6 months and have yet to visit the Mecca on the Upper West Side. To be honest, we don’t get over to the Upper West Side that much. Now before my three readers start giving me shit because I am being an Upper East Side snob let me clear the air. To go crosstown (East to West and visa versa) when you have the park to transgress, it is a bitch. Zero subways go that way so you have to do it either on foot or crosstown bus and the traffic is epic. So when you find yourself on the West Side, like I did yesterday after visiting the doctor, you go exploring.

One joint that I had not been and had been told numerous times to visit was the World Famous Zabars Grocery store. Zabars is one of those New York institutions that has been going strong for 80+ years and is being run by a third generation of Zabar. Upon walking into the city block long grocery store this joint pretty much has everything that you need and were afraid to ask. The Cheese counter is a monster, the caviar counter (yes I said caviar) has everything you can afford and the smoked fish station is mind blowing. But wait, when you go upstairs they have an entire kitchen supply store that makes any kitchen gadget lover harder than a diamond in an ice storm. Seriously, I could spend hours in this joint and may do so if we do get that foot of snow that all of the weathermen have been talking about.

IMG_0337This joker is seriously a whole city block long. It started out as a corner store and they expanded, and expanded and then went vertical.

IMG_0338Here is one half of the Cheese Counter

IMG_0339Here is the other half, anyone ever heard of creamy dolce gorgonzola? They have it at $13.98 a pound

IMG_0343Here is proof that I need to win the lottery so I can play with some these people up here.

IMG_0345Going to have to try our Russ & Daughters to see their smoked fish selection but this is pretty impressive

IMG_0344In Memphis they have Canola, Vegetable, Mazola, Corn and Olive Oil. Here they have 100 different offerings of Olive Oil

IMG_0340Went upstairs and if you need a different color of Italian coffee pot, Zabars is your place.

IMG_0341I mean who keeps that kind of inventory of Le Creuset pots?

IMG_0342Now here is where I am going to fight with the Zabars. See that small Weber hibachi grill? I didn’t snap a picture of the price tag but they want $44.98 for that sucker! I think that you can get a full size kettle grill for $99.00 bucks. Naturally finding a place for this sucker on the Upper East Side is a bitch but its the principle that counts.

IMG_0347My big purchase at Zabars….we found out that we didn’t have any chopsticks and ate our sushi to celebrate the Chinese New Year with forks. Forks I tell you! Oh the Humanity!

So, I guess next on the list for gourmet grocery stores is Agata & Valentia and then Citarella Gourmet Market. Oh it was announced that Carnegie Deli reopened after being shut down since April so we may head there too!



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