CBT’S Take on NYC Strollers

While I was back in Memphis, I went to the ‘soft opening’ of Lyfe Kitchen on South Main with some friends of mine. Their daughter, her husband, and granddaughter also attended and baby Kenzie wasn’t too sure how to take Uncle CBT. The kid was fine, she played at her seat and when it was time to head out she even blew me a kiss. We were leaving and they put Kenzie into one of those basic folding strollers. It took me a minute to comprehend what that contraption was and I could sense that Kenzie parents were wondering why I was looking at them with a puzzled look on my face. I tell K & K that I have not seen one of those folding strollers ever since I moved to New York. I inform them that on the streets of New York the strollers that the moms/nannies push are monsters and pretty much are rolling shopping carts.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love kids but does a 20 pound kid really need to ride around in a push cart that takes up roughly the width of half of a city sidewalk? My parent friends in Memphis have some of these carts but as mentioned before, Memphis is not New York City!  Pretty sure that my Memphis parent friends will be sending me shitty text messages right about now, but come on! We all know that when you are pushing baby Shamus into Barbeque Fest somewhere in bottom of that cart are many bottles of wine! *Yes I am looking at you D.R.* What drives me crazy is that up here in NYC, those double wide carts are carrying empty space or a bag of biodegradable diapers with organic breast milk.

Now here is my main bitch – those carts are great for the park and wide open spaces but leave those damned things at home if you have to shuttle the kid down 5th Avenue at say rush hour! Walk down a packed subway platform with a double wide…..you may get a “GFY” look by a short blonde haired guy from Memphis. Do that shit in Park Slope with 2 mommies’ walking side by side with double strollers like a snow plow….you may get throat punched!  So, again and don’t get me wrong, if you have to push junior mint down the street please try to do so in a single wide cart that you won’t need to hang a “WIDE LOAD” banner on your ass if walking down a Manhattan street.

61yCqhlx2HL._SY355_Here is the type of buggy that K&K were pushing Kenzie around in Memphis. Small, compact and foldable.

IMG_0459Stock Photo because parents kinda wig out if you take pictures of their kid on the street. Here is what I am referring to, this thing is the Soccer Mom SUV of carts. They are all over the place here in NYC

IMG_0308Snagged this pic in our laundry room of a cart. The owner was in the playroom next door but carts are not allowed in the playroom. This sucker is HUGE

IMG_0309See this plate? This is for the older sister/brother to stand on while Mom/Dad/Nanny is pushing their younger sister/brother down the street.

IMG_0310Not a bad idea, these are hand warmers for the cart for during the winter. Why didn’t I think of  that?

britax-double-stroller2Here is the cart that pisses me off to no end. I promise that you put two of these carts next to each other and there is no way you can walk down the street. Then the mommies get bent out of shape when people yell at you for clogging up the street.

otto_strollerparkingThe Majority of restaurants, museums, synagogues, and mothers day out don’t allow carts inside so it is not uncommon to see these things parked outside free for the picking.


 Here is Mrs. Trumpet pushing the Asian Fireman’s cart while Baby C & F were out riding the rides. I prefer this type of cart because it is single wide but double decker.

Hope you had a good laugh on this one.


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