The Week in Pictures

Hope you guys had a good week. Not sure about Memphis but New York is supposed to have a great weekend (above 40 degrees) with some sun. Dare I say Sunday Funday on a PATIO?

IMG_0418Love me some ole time cash registers in the joints that we frequent.

IMG_0419Did the “Damn Neighbor” move to 1330 First Avenue? I think so!

IMG_0842Here is a reminder of when we lived next to the “Damn Neighbor” what can I say, at least she recycled!

IMG_0420Shout out to “My Friend” Rock-Mo Kasaftes from my favorite Tavern. *DISCLAIMER – I texted Rock-Mo this pic earlier this week and he said that he was proud of my Greek Burgers*

IMG_0422And my 3 readers wonder why I don’t drive anymore. IMG_0427Shout out to my friends at 17th Street Barbecue for a killer slogan. Can’t wait to see you in the Big Apple as a former Memphian and now New Yorker!

IMG_0424So I was watching a training video today and check out dude’s left hand. Is he really flipping me off?

Have a good weekend folks!


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