Once it is May, The Deal Goes Away!

I can’t recall who told me this saying but I have always believed in the saying “If you know the past you can predict the future” and this saying always rings true in late February/Early March. What am I talking about you may be wondering? It is the Beale Street Music fest line up announcement. Responses range from ‘worst.line.up.ever.’ to ‘this is a really good line up’ and everything in between. *AUTHOR’S DISCLAIMER – I am a former MIM Employee and friends with a number of current & past MIM employees* Other than last year’s festival I have attended pretty much every festival since I moved back to Memphis in ’93. It does help living a block from the park and let’s be honest, I am a hippy at heart. With our work schedules being what they are I knew that this year would not be in the cards for standing in mud in Tom Lee Park. Imagine my disappointment when I see that BSMF got Neil Young, Paul Simon, Violent Femms, and a bunch of others. Say what you want to about the line up; “Was MIM looking for the middle age white guy market with that line up? Because they nailed it on head with it!” was the best bitch I read on Twitter.

So what does a former Memphian who won’t be able to dust off his MIM Mud boots this year? He goes to the Governor’s Ball Music Festival on Randall’s Island in early June!  That’s right folks, I will be jamming to Drake, Black Keys, Weird Al Yankovic (does he really play?) and some Florence + The Machine! I just hope that New Yorkers appreciate Port-a-poties like they do in Memphis and they have a freaking Pronto Pup station! Thankfully Randall’s island is on the east side of Manhattan so my commute to and from the festival won’t be that bad. Who am I kidding? I was spoiled as shit living in South Bluffs and walking down the bluff into the park. You mean I have to take a subway or cab to the park? Damnit!

IMG_0426You really can’t bitch for all this music you only pay $100.00 per person. I won’t tell you what I paid for Billy Joel in the Garden this month.


This looks very promising

936447_10151719958549928_56704546_nRemember Me guys? I was with the guy who had the flask that said “All Signs Point to Yes!”

935129_10151720026679928_1760433224_nI have a feeling they will probably laugh at me when I ask for a Pronto Pup




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