Darling, For Good Health, Please Wash Your Effing Hands!

So last week I sent my favorite vegetarian, overcharging office manager and general “Girl Friday” from my former dentist office a link I found on TimeOut NYC. It mentioned how Touching a Subway Pole is equivalent to shaking hands with 10,000 people. She and I joke about that she could never be around the large crowds that we have in NYC and I love to give her grief when I can. After reading the article it started to think about all of the germs and how I use hand sanitizer religiously after exiting the subway. Many of you know that Mrs. Trumpet works in the healthcare field and she gets onto me about using sanitizer rather than soap and water. Don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of Liquid Dial soap but when in NYC, you got to do what you can. Thankfully I am not a germ freak because if I were, well I would probably lose it when I get sneezed on or when I touch the subway pole and it is still warm from the previous person.

Now I am venturing out on foreign territory here but I think that the overuse of hand sanitizer, super antibiotics, and people’s infatuation with using bleach could be the cause of a lot of weird food allergies.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not opening up the whole anti vaccine or flu shot debate here but come on, didn’t I read that Polio is making a comeback?  I am a fan of letting kids eat dirt and taking chances when you skin your knee and don’t have any Bactine.  Back a couple years ago I got a mosquito bite that got infected. No big deal but the bite occurred in the US and my ass was in Belize when it got infected. I went to the doctor (who was the town OB/GYN) and you know what he gave me a shot of? It was good ole fashioned Penicillin. It worked like a charm and now I can say that my favorite Belizean fishing guide and I have the OB/GYN as or doctor.  So I guess I can add dying of a super bug to my blog post from last  August.


New York’s subway is way, way dirtier than you think

You’ll definitely want to grab the nearest bottle of Purell after reading this new study from Travelmath.

The travel logistics site sent teams to five major cities to gather bacteria samples from the handrails of public transportation systems. While most of cities turned out to be surprisingly clean, NYC definitely, definitely did not.

Just how dirty is the subway? Measured in “colony-forming units” per square inch NYC finished at the front of the pack of the filthy five. San Francisco’s trains had 483 CFU, Boston’s had 10 CFU, Chicago’s had 180 CFU, Washington’s had 30 CFU and New York City had 2,000,030 CFU.

I’m sorry, what?

Yep, the subway had far more bacteria than any of the other cities combined. In fact, the subway’s handrails had 900x more germs than an airplane table. Touching one is equivalent to shaking hands with 10,000 people.

But hey, at least we’ve got to be immune to pretty much everything by now, right? Right? Just trying to see the positives here.

So next time you take the subway, make sure you lick the pole to clean it for your hands.



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