Billy Joel turned MSG into the Worlds Largest Karaoke Bar

Typically I don’t do updates on Wednesday’s as I realize that my 3 readers have to get some work done during the week. So last night Mrs. Trumpet and I attended our first show together at Madison Square Garden.  The inaugural show that we were to see in The World’s Most Famous Arena….Billy M’Effin Joel! I realize that a lot of my Memphis readers, all 2 of them, have tickets to next Friday’s Billy Joel show at the Fed Ex Forum and are wanting the 411 on the show. Here it my concert recap from last night – It is Good! For those of you who have never visited a Karaoke bar, imagine 20,000 people singing “The Piano Man” in unison. Oh and don’t worry, Billy assured us last night that he won’t be playing anything from his new album. “I haven’t released an album since 2002, so you won’t have to sit through anything you don’t know. I am going to just play my old shit tonight!”

So if you don’t have tickets for next Friday’s show, get some! Carbunkle Trumpet says  so!

IMG_0583Sing Us A Song…..




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