Easy on the Starch on the boxers please!

“What do you mean you actually do your own laundry?” exclaimed a friend of mine who also lives in Manhattan. You recall that episode from Seinfeld when Jerry misplaces 5K and suspects that the laundry guy took it?  Jerry had laundry facilities in his building but he used a service because as he said “it provides jobs to people” and I kind of agree with him. One thing that we found very quickly is that in NYC, that those 24 hours in a day it is damn near impossible to get all your shit done.

Case in point last week; two weeks ago we had the A10 Basketball tournament in town. On Wednesday night we headed down to Battery Park for drinks with our friends. Thursday night we went to Brooklyn for the game and Friday night made another trip to Brooklyn for the semifinal game. Pretty much those 3 nights we got home past midnight but still my arse was up at 6AM each morning because someone has to make the donuts. Due to the location of the Barclay’s center and my office, it would have been asinine for me to venture home only to turn around and head back.  On Saturday I spent the first 3 hours doing some grocery shopping, taking my dress shirts and suit to the cleaners and picking up a couple of prescriptions. Typically I do that shit during the week and it got me thinking that having a laundry service wasn’t a bad idea. I mean I had one when I was in college when I was on the road with the tennis team and it was great. On our laundry nights we typically clean the apartment and clean the bathroom. Thankfully only having 535 square feet it doesn’t take a long time and since we don’t have any carpeting, it can be done pretty fast.

When we lived in Memphis we had Anna the maid. She was great, she cleaned the house, de-funked the bathroom, and put clean sheets on the bed. We had an inside the unit washer and dryer so doing laundry was a breeze and would leave stuff in the dryer. With our in building washroom we have to pay attention to washer/dryer times because the sock thief will steal a dress sock and that is rude to do to other people using the laundry room. So who knows, maybe we will become like the rest of New Yorkers and have our dirty BVD’s cleaned by a trained professional and then get a maid for our 535 square feet of living.  Quit laughing!

IMG_0477If it is not written in TIME OUT NYC then it isn’t important.

IMG_0541Great to see Nicole and the last time I saw Max he had just been born. Joker will be taller than me next year. (Stop laughing Katie Not Mac)

NextCleaners Green Dry CleaningThis may be an option for my soiled socks

Any of my NYC peeps have any favorites?



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