Pictures from the Yonker’s Parade

Bonus Footage from the Saturday Parade or as a new friend that we met this past weekend declared “I have to go to Yonkers for a parade? I am not exactly sure where that is!”

IMG_0634“Wobo I have been waiting for you!” So why are you taking a nap there C-Man?

IMG_0635You recall that Post about a Marathon? This reminds me of Memphis Festival Season!

IMG_0638Whatcha burning there Asian Fireman? Oh wait let me guess…..

IMG_0639I swear that these briquettes put out the same scent that I encounter on the 40th Street and 7th Avenue Times Square subway station.

IMG_0641Only does the Asian Fireman hire a band to play for the band.

IMG_0642And we have some DCFD Pipe and Drum boys arriving!

IMG_0684Mommy The Bag Pipers are Here! I freaking love that Kid!

IMG_0651Sent this over to CJ as I know that she loves some Ginger Babies

IMG_0652Mrs. CBT said and I quote “I am always a sucker for the band guys!”

IMG_0654Here is Mrs. CBT’s man doing work.

IMG_0657Here is the NYFD Pipes and Drums Emerald Society doing work.

IMG_0669Love me some step bands and this little guy. Yes that is a snare drum turned sideways used as a bass drum.

IMG_0678Good to see my Brother from another mother AB and his wife

IMG_0645*Disclaimer – That isn’t my beer! I promise!

Have a good day!


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