Fellow Bloggers You Should Also Read – Rebecca Coutant aka San Pedro Scoop


Rebecca may ‘bop me on the head’ when she sees me next week for this picture. No she didn’t get into a fight painting her fence, this was taken during Carnival when the kids would paint each other. I like it and it make me smile!

I know that you probably forgot my new feature that I unveiled back in January. I am happy to report that my friend Rebecca sent back her questionnaire (minus the curse words for making it too long) and was a good sport. You have heard me mention her before in my posts. Rebecca is a former New Yorker who now lives in my second home, San Pedro Town, Belize and is a full time blogger. Prior to that she ran a bar San Pedro that was next to the Holiday Hotel where was stayed. Being a former restaurant manager myself I can empathize with her in that you pretty much are raising someone else’s baby and it pretty much sucks balls. Rebecca is a very good writer and she and I have a lot in common. Traditionally when I am around new people I am reserved and quiet (me quiet, bullshit you are saying) but it is true. It doesn’t make you a bad person but it can make people who read your blog wonder if there is something wrong with you if I get a little spooked when someone makes real life introduction.

Rebecca just got back from India after winning a contest and if you get a chance, go read her stuff. She is a good egg.

  1. Name of your blog, hyper link, twitter handle, Facebook page and your Pen Name.http://www.sanpedroscoop.com @sanpedroscoop SanPedroScoop.com  Pen Name?  Rebecca Coutant
    Going forward:  San Pedro Scoop – My Opinionated Guide to Ambergris Caye, Belize and BEYOND!

    San Pedro Scoop
    http://www.sanpedroscoop.comMy guide to Belize. Restaurants, hotels, bars, nightlife, tours and my daily expat blog of life in San Pedro & my travels around Belize.

2. How did you come up the name of the blog and or your Penname?

Fairly randomly…I had just been fired from the Tacklebox when the *EDITED TO KEEP PG-13 RATING* owner decided to retire and moved down to San Pedro full time.  I was fairly negative on life on the island – I’d just spent almost 4 years as manager, babysitter, money lender, security guard at a major bar and all my time off was used for sleeping.  I decided to write this to get myself out more…to remember what I loved about Belize.

3. Describe your blog/brand in 5 sentences or less.  No.  I mean yes.  A soapbox for one about Belize…my life, gossip, changes, and lots of talk about the weather.

4.Did your blog change direction over the course of the life of it? If so can you explain?  Totally.  I started out to tell the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  The whole truth…and was shot down pretty quickly. I think in my first week I made fun of the decrepit rides at Dia de San Pedro.  The kind that chew kids up and spit them out.  I was told by 2 young San Pedranos to go back to my country.

It made me think about making flip comments…and making it clearer when I was kidding.  I also leave the “ugly” like murders and politics to the newspapers – unless it’s something that I feel VERY strongly about and it is something that I think I can influence.  Even if in a very small way.

5. Number of times you try to post something in a week? I go for 5…and I make it most weeks.

6. Where do you get your material and how hard/easy is it for you?  Mine is mostly MY LIFE and then a scattering of “articles” – 10 Best Adventures in Belize, stuff like that.  There are endless pretty pictures to take on any walk around this town.  Plus, it is filled with a large number of nuts…there is always something entertaining.

7. What countries are your readers coming from?  Primarily the US, Canada and then Belize…

8. How often do you encounter readers on the streets/social media and does it still freak you out when they say that they read you?  I am an introvert extradonaire…so it usually freaks me out and amuses those who I am with.  It’s SO freaking nice…and I hope that people know that I think that.   That I recover quickly.  That they read my stuff…and some can reference things from last year or the year before is ridiculously flattering.

9. Got any good “hate mail” comments you want to share with the class?  I try to keep it positive.  It’s a small country…so once in a while I get something crappy…but mostly people are great.

10. Any particular blog post that you are particularly proud of? Please include the link if you like.   I liked writing about my 24 hours in the Chiquibul…the DEEP jungle of Belize and the people that defend ONE BABY scarlet macaw from poachers.  It was incredible to see.

Let’s Talk about you shall we?

11. Who you be?  I am a white girl from New Jersey.  Went to college in Massachusetts and my junior year in London.  It changed my life.

12. Where you be?  San Pedro, Belize – the first place I ever visited that I thought “I would like to live here”.  So I did.

13. Where did you come from? (Please don’t say hospital or parents)  Ridgewood, NJ

14. Care to talk about your family or if you have any ankle biters/pot lickers (pets) where you charge your laptop/tablet?  I have three cats.  That uses my laptop as a bed when it is open.  My boyfriend and I have a three legged pot licker from Dangriga that is the best dog that ever existed.

15. Name up to 5 countries/places you visited, loved and recommend to my readers?  Mexico.  Best closest country in the world.  Croatia.  Kerala, India!  Paris is the second best city I know, And Punta Gorda, Belize.

16. What countries/cities you have on your radar for future travel locations?  I just went to India, I won a trip and it was a huge shock to my system…in the best way possible.  Everything is different.  Smell, taste, language, people…colors.  I loved it.  I’d love to go back next year for a month or two…and then every year after that.

17. If you had the financial means to do so, where would you like to live and why?  I love Belize.  It’s changing like crazy…growing up without restraint and way too fast but I feel so at home here.  Each day is like a crazy fun challenge…and with a sense of humor and a fairly easy going attitude, I can’t think of somewhere better to live.  But I’d also want an apartment in NY and perhaps a house in Italy…

18. When you aren’t banging on a keyboard what do you like to do for fun?  Bang on the keyboard and read other people’s blogs.  I like to travel.  I LOVE to travel.  I love to eat…

19. We know that you read carbunkletrumpet.wordpress.com (who doesn’t?) but who else do you read/stalk on a daily basis?  My only everyday blog is cupcakesandcashmere.  I am really into fashion blogs.  Strange but true.  And I’m kinda Instagram-obsessed.

20. Could you get me an introduction with that author so that I can send them this questionnaire?  I wish.  She’s like real deal.  Has a staff and everything.

Fun/Random Stuff that you would like to share with the class

21. What is your favorite food and restaurant (doesn’t have to be in your current location) NY Bagels and Murray’s on 23rd and 8th.  Sesame with maple walnut cream cheese.

 22. If you are living abroad, what is the one thing that you miss the most?  See previous question.  That with the Sunday NY Times.

 23. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (Please don’t say older)  That’s a tough one.  I still think that I will be blogging.  I absolutely love it and I think it’s an industry that is on the upswing.  Companies, cities, destinations are looking for “web influencers” – people that others trust to recommend and endorse things.  Netflix just had a contest for paid instagrammers…right now travel bloggers are being invited to Helsinki to Italy…its good stuff.

24. What’s on your bucket list?  I won’t bore you with all the places I want to travel.  Near term…Nicaragua.  *EDITOR’S NOTE – Hey Scoop, I literally just met someone this past weekend from Nicaragua. Think that he left when he was young but you I may have “a guy” 

25. What is the question do you want to ask Carbunkle Trumpet (I promise to answer honestly)  When will you admit that being a New Yorker is SOOOOO much cooler than a Southerner and that NYC is the best city in the world? 

CBT – Fair Question, I will say that the first two months we were living here we both were saying “I can’t believe we are living in New York City!” Now we say “I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner!” The South is where I was born and raised and I will never dog it but yes you are correct. Living up here is an unbelievable experience and we love it here. It rocks!

Thanks for playing Scoop! I promise to bring you some New York happies down to you this weekend. You know where I be staying! We arrive on Saturday!


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