Gone Drinking! Happy Easter!

Sorry folks but the Blog will be on Hiatus next week as we will be drunk visiting with friends of ours down in Belize. Be good and Happy Easter Spud!

I borrow this picture grouping from the Late Colin Gage aka KC Jayhawk. He would post this right before he was to head down to San Pedro. He called it “Transitions” as the photo on the left is our hallway in New York and the photo on the right is a dock on San Pedro. Damn this trip is going to tough not having him down there.


Can’t wait to see these two!


Tropic Air Gate Agent in Goldson International Airport – “Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologize but all flights to San Pedro are now cancelled as some drunk Gringo did a Cannonball and flooded out the Runway in San Pedro!” *the airstrip is right behind the chain link fence


Shout out to Didi as sadly we won’t be able to call you on Easter Sunday with our “Happy Easter Spud!” Foam Call!

See you when I get back and am a year older!


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