17.9214° N Island Living vs 40.7128° N Island Living

I finally get it! It took me some 46 years but it finally soaked in! No I am not talking about acting like an adult…that shit is for the birds. I am talking about why Northerners and or Canadians winter in tropical locations. Now before you start, yes I recognize that we had a very mild winter but nevertheless it did get cold at least a couple of those days.  I think the worst part of this is the major temperature change that one experiences going from North to Tropical. When we left it was in the mid to low 50’s but we had plenty of ‘antifreeze’ in us as those red eye flights can be tough on a traveler. Down in Belize it was ‘Gold Bond’ warm but it felt so good and the sun was welcome. Now when we got back on Saturday morning it was in the 40’s but the sun was shining so it wasn’t all that bad.

The problem is, when we lived in Memphis we could get away with still wearing our flip flops, shorts and ‘cruise lounging’ gear till Monday when we ‘had’ to put on socks, shoes and work gear. Here that wasn’t the case, we wear that shit and we would get frostbite or laughed it! Case in point Sunday morning; I get out of bed to take the monkey heads out to pee. I put on my track pants, long sleeve T-shirt and my North Face vest thinking that will suffice. All I am going to say is that someone should call Guinness Book of World Records because that was the quickest Pee that two tiny toy poodles have ever done.  39 degrees it was yesterday with a 20 MPH wind a blowing! When I went to grab breakfast I had to don the puffy coat, toboggan hat and even that wasn’t enough.

Here is a short list of the differences between (Tropical) Island life and (New York) Island life;

  • In the Tropics one wears flip flops to prevent stepping on broken glass, pointy shells and Belikin Bottle Caps. In NYC one wears shoes to prevent getting the funk that is on subway floors and streets on your feet.
  • Cost of Beer down in Belize is 5 to 6 bucks BZE (currency is fixed 2BZE to 1USD) in New York the same beer cost you 6 to 7 bucks USD.
  • In the Tropics you put on sunscreen and don a big hat when the sun is shining on you. In NYC you shed as many clothes that is allowed by law when you get to see that big orange ball.
  • In San Pedro they bitch about the speed of the Taxi’s and the traffic on the island. New Yorkers tell the taxi driver to speed up and honk their horn at a slow car.
  • In the Tropics you say Good Morning to complete strangers; in NYC you may get cut if you say that.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to walk around town in a two piece bathing suit in Caye Caulker. It is also acceptable in Times Square.
  • Want to walk outside of a bar with your beer, sure but put it in a ‘haul ass’ glass. In NYC you better have one of those 5.00 paper coffee cups.
  • In NYC when it is 34 degrees one wishes that they were on San Pedro or Caye Caulker. In the tropics when it is 34 degrees in New York City, they are happy they are on San Pedro or Caye Caulker.

IMG_0875That is just Fecking Mean when one gets back from 90 degree weather.

IMG_0829One can smell the suntan lotion on this deck.

IMG_0762I am sure they do the same thing in the East River too!

IMG_0746Looks just like Times Square doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, I only have one more post about Belize then I will get back to my normal drivel.


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