Pictures of the Week – Bayleeze 1 of 2

Yeah, I know I am a day late but we have a house guest and she got me drunk Thursday night.

IMG_0728Honey, I don’t think we are in Manhattan anymore!

IMG_0727What does one look like when you have been up for 30 hours with ZERO sleep?

IMG_0734Sunrise on Easter Sunday! *Yes mother, I was heading to sunrise service when I snapped this, not to get a Michelada.

IMG_0740Visiting with the Elberts at Ramone’s

IMG_0743Rena and I doing a selfie!

IMG_0752From our perch at the Lazy Lizard in Caye Caulker

IMG_0756Of course they find a cornhole game!

IMG_0758Richard – You got this? Me – I GOT this!

IMG_0757Shobo and Rich

IMG_0769Mrs. CBT – “So Jody, you ever been with an older woman?” Jody – “But your husband is Italian and knows more people on the island than I do.” Mrs. CBT – “You didn’t answer the question.”

IMG_0766I wonder why she makes me wear my Lady Leslie shirt to bed each night.

IMG_0771Mrs. CBT – I GOT THIS!

IMG_0770I freaking love this couple! So good to see you both!

IMG_0779Well if the sun is going to set then I guess we shall toast and drink more beer!

IMG_0785Chunky and Ruth’s Casa just south of town.

IMG_0789I am going to title this one “False Advertising in Belize” because that boy NEVER was there!

IMG_0806Guess the “Secret Beach” isn’t so secret is it?


More pics tomorrow.



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