Pictures of the week – Bayleeze 2 of 2

Yes we had a good time with good friends.

IMG_0807The Secret Beach

IMG_0792This is a motley crew

IMG_0790I am tired of beer today, let’s have frozen boat drinks now

IMG_0810Bill from Houston (by the way I got hazed because I didn’t pronounce it How-Ston)

IMG_0827New Rock to hang our hat – Caye Caulker

IMG_0829We do love us some Happy Hour Beer Specials!

IMG_0836Again, we tired of Belikin

IMG_0842Our swanky digs in Caulker

IMG_0838Last Sunrise on the island

IMG_0845Who do I know works for FedEx? Wonder if they have an opening in Field Sales?

IMG_0848You think that shit would fly in the US? Hell the TSA would throw you under the jail if you were to go onto the airstrip.

IMG_0846Here the post trip depression sets in……

IMG_0855“You need to speak Merican son! I don’t care if this El Salvador” – Said an Ugly American tourist

IMG_0875Talk about a kick in the baby maker, this welcomed us on Sunday!

We will be back!





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