Be Nice or Leave

***FADE IN to the interior of a Hudson Yards bound 7 train just as it is leaving Grand Central Station

“Um excuse me good people of New York, may I please have your brief attention away from your magazines, books and phones.”

Me (thinking in my head) “Are you fucking kidding me? Why do I always get the crazy one? Let me guess, he is homeless and needs money for beer medication. I haven’t heard that one in a while.”

“My Brothers and Sisters, my name is Preacher and I promise not to take much of your time for my message is brief and very clear. We have serious problems here in New York but for us to change those problems it starts with you. My children from now on, I want you to show one random act of kindness to your fellow man or woman. This act doesn’t have to be monumental; it can be as simple as smile and saying “good morning”. Give up your seat on the bus or train to a random stranger. Allow a person to go in front of you as you enter the elevator. And if you believe in the same God that I do, you even tell them you “God Bless you brother.” Now good people of New York that is all I want from you today but it begins with you. If you do this each and every day I promise you that you will feel better about yourself and ‘hate’ will be just a 4 letter word. Before I go, I love each and every one of you and may you have good day. Now don’t you all go start smiling. Don’t you do it! That’s right you go have a blessed day and God Bless you!”

It is now that pretty much everyone in the Hudson Yards bound 7 train is smiling as the Preacher gets off at 5th Avenue. I get off at my normal stop and make my way up the 2 sets of stairs to exit onto the fringe of Times Square. I admit it, I kind of thought that the Preacher’s sermon was kind of hooky but hey, I am still smiling and I even let a woman go in front of me up the stairs to the Uptown 1-2-3 platform. I look up at the buildings on 7th Avenue and I see the suns reflection. My first thought is “Hell I haven’t seen the sun since Belize. Maybe this shit is working.” Now let me come 100% clean with you. I am a firm believer in Karma. For those of you who wonder what that red fabric bracelet on my wrist is about it is to remind me to practice Karma. If you do good things then good things will happen to you. These results may not be instantiations but eventually down the road things may go your way. The biggest thing is you have to remain patient and radiate positive energy even if you are having a shitty day. Mrs. C’s chemo treatment taught me this among other things.

Ok, I realize my 4 readers are now clicking off this blog because even I just re-read this and it is getting a little too deep. The moral to the story; Last Friday, I accepted a position with our downtown office that is great for me, the team and the company. I got to meet Marcus Samuelsson at his acclaimed Red Rooster Restaurant in Harlem. And to finish the week off, I got to see The Avett Brothers give a performance of a lifetime at Madison Square Garden from the work suite. Life is going pretty good for me right now. I better remember this day when I have a day that isn’t all that great.

Now go out there and do a random act of kindness to your fellow man or woman. And stop smiling too!

IMG_09137th Avenue looking south or the last day I will be based out of the Garment District

IMG_0915I admit it, I had a chubby when he came over to say hello to us! Good Luck in Memphis G. They give you any shit you tell them you know “a guy” in New York!

IMG_0924My iFoam doesn’t take the greatest pics when there is Par Lights and smoke.

IMG_0928Oh did I tell you that this is from the suite. We are literally have a Right Wing Stage view for each show.

IMG_0930And did I mention that we have Bud Light in the suite too!

Have a good one my brothers and sisters and may you find your 7 Train Preacher this week.

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