Pancho and Robo grab a beer in Bryant Park

Yes I know you were expecting Friday’s episode of “Pictures of the Week” but sorry to disappoint my 4 readers but this week I really didn’t have much time to snap any pics. This new gig is kicking my arse but “It will B all-rite” as Wato would say. Rather than not do a post today let me tell you about my Thursday.

To give a proper backstory without giving away too much real history, when I attended the University of Arkansas I was a student trainer for Men’s Athletics. I covered football for 4 years and moved over to the Men’s Tennis Team my last 2 years of college. A collegiate tennis team travels much differently than collegiate football. The team consists of 8 players, a head coach, a graduate assistant coach and a 5’6” 150 pound student trainer.  The Tennis team I was with for two years resembled a UN delegation; we had 2 Spaniards, a German, an Antiguan, an Irishman, a Panamanian, the Britt Graduate Assistant then you had what I called the “token Americans” which consisted of Americans from Houston, Tulsa, and Fort Smith. To round out the band it was the head coach and yours truly. My junior year we traveled with 11 because of the Graduate assistant and my 5th year it was 10 with the head coach and I as the “non-players.”

Life on the road traveling with that many different nationalities was great and it taught me a lot that about different cultures and personalities. You would fly double prop plane from Fayetteville to the different SEC cities and then there was van ground transportation involved. I earned the title of “Van Back up King” and still to this day can never drive in the state of Massachusetts but that’s another story. After I graduated I left Fayetteville and sadly didn’t keep up with the boys on the team. Thankfully I would see the Head Coach at some events and would call him to catch up and hear how everyone is doing. God Bless Facebook because that was how we all were are able to ‘stalk and keep up with everyone’ so you don’t have to play ‘fill in the blanks’.  Case in point here was how my Thursday played out. I did go over to Brooklyn and worked with the rep over across the bridge. I get a phone call from JPH who was in town from Panama. I text him back and he tells me that he is in town for the day and would love to catch up. I tell him I will be back in Manhattan in the afternoon and would come down to Bryant Park. We missed each other on his last visit but I get it, you come to NYC and it is hard to see/do everything.

I catch a train into Bryant Park and get to hang with my boy JPH for about 30 minutes. He works for XXXXXXX (if I told you I would have to kill you) and comes to NYC every other month. It was a great visit and we both played ‘fill in the blanks’ with various stories from the road. We spoke about our jobs, his kids, my small arse studio, how Fayetteville has exploded and all kinds of topics. We say our goodbyes and I head up to Grand Central Station to catch the 6 train. I text the pic of us to our former head coach and he replies “nice” and then it hits me. From the years that I was associated with the team we had 100% graduation rate and that isn’t too shabby. Pretty much everyone on the team is doing well and other than Snapper’s loss of hair and added belly weight it’s all good. The majority of the alumni from the 92 & 93’s teams are coaching tennis and one of our alums just won the University he is a head coach for a conference title that has had a drought of 40 years. Other than 2 members of the team who have fallen off the radar all is going well for the boys. The only downside is that we still have never found Miguel’s missing Atlanta Braves hat! (Inside joke – forgive me)

IMG_1026Children I tell you!

IMG_1025Pancho – man I have grey hair, I am so old!  Me – Dude, at least we still have hair!

IMG_1027I only post this picture to showcase that I was indeed skinny. Granted I look like a should be stuffed into a locker for that haircut and goofy look on my face… Good times with Cap’n Bob and Wacko

IMG_1028Those van trips…no wonder some of us snapped!

If you can’t poke fun at yourself then what is the point. Thanks for going down memory lane with me. I am ok with the thought that I may have only 3 or 2 readers on Monday. I will get with the program next week.


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