What are We Doing Next Week?

It happens each and every week with Mrs Trumpet and I. One of us pulls out our vest pocket calendar and we start to compare dates. With our new jobs and new town we find that our time here on this rock is precious. I laughed when we got a text or email from one of the Murphranks asking if we were interested in an event or dinner 2 or 3 months out. I was thinking “that is forever, sure we are in!” Back in Memphis it was a call on Monday for that Friday but here it is weeks in advance. I have stated in previous posts how future planning is paramount here because people’s schedules get tight and it takes a lot of planning. Add to that our friends and family who are booking trips to come up here to see us and we always tell our friends to let us know and we can put them in the book. Case in point, a couple weeks back when Manhattan got taken over by the Brady Bunch.

LVD & her Seester were coming up to Gotham with baby brother for a weekend of food, fun, and high end purse shopping. They told me about the trip around Christmas and naturally I jotted it down in my calendar. While this was on my book, Mrs Trumpet booked us a dinner with our New York Consigliere on Friday at Peter Lugar in Brooklyn. Then the call came from the Murphranks in mid February for a dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barn in Tarrytown so the Trumpets were booked for two fancy dinners the same weekend. I shoot LVD an email inquiring when they were coming into town. Thankfully they were arriving on Thursday and departing on Sunday late afternoon. Worst case was that we could hang with the Bunch on Thursday and on Sunday for brunch. Long story short, we visit a West Village dive bar and a good time was had by all. It was great seeing them and it looked like they had a good time in Gotham. 

The rest of our week was filled with good food, good wine, some veggies, but most of all good friends. The following Sunday, I drag my happy arse to LaGuardia for a Sunday afternoon flight with over a dozen young children who evidently were downing pixie sticks. I get home this past week and on Friday Mrs Trumpet and I coordinate our calendars. For my 3 readers who are saying “put that shit on your foam, get with the program” it isn’t that easy. Our work calendars are packed with all kinds of meetings, conference calls and our personal foams hold all the other stuff but it’s hard to visualize weeks out on a 3inch screen.  

The next 6 weeks includes; Yankee games in the suite (for work, you know), a trip to Tulum Mexico, A visit by Travel Queen, RJ may make an appearance at Memorial Day weekend, Big Apple BBQ in Midtown, the McNick Horse Race, and baby sister and husband make a trip to Gotham for a weekend.  And don’t forget the Boogie Down BBQ in Woodlawn, that is going to be a fun event as well. Oh and I still have full weeks of work where I will get lost as a goose in lower Manhattan. Good Times for sure!

Let us know if you want to get in the book, we are now taking reservations for August, September and the Fall.


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