Americas Cup Comes to the Hudson River

Had to GTS (Google That Shit) this fact but it has been nearly a century since New York hosted an Americas Cup boat race. I made a joke last week that I was going to a NASCAR race but on the Hudson River and that they turn both right and left. I have been to a NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway and I will admit I didn’t understand much about it. Same goes for Americas Cup racing, I don’t know shit about this either! Saturday I watched the race or the postponement of the races due to no wind on TV from the Cigar Inn. One would think that a bunch of guys sitting around talking shit to each other would know something about boat races…..they know less than I do. What I did know was from that failed Mathew Modine and Jennifer Gray movie “Wind” where they won the cup back from the Kiwi’s. That was over 25 years ago for Christsake! 

So Mrs Trumpet and I made the decision to head down to Brookfield Place on the West Side where they were watching the races. It was a beautiful day with sun, 40mph winds and temps in the mid 70’s (stop laughing KLC & Nova, I appreciate any day with sunshine). The crowd was defiantly on point as I saw many guys wearing Bermuda suits (suit tops with shorts & high socks) but sadly there wasn’t a Budweiser Beer Truck anywhere to be found. We listened to the commentary and got to see the ‘slow sail-by’ where all the boats sail by the bank for pictures. Sadly the crowds were 8 or 9 deep so all my 5’6″ tall short ass could see was the tops of the boats. After some jockeying we were able to get some pics and then headed to the Dark & Stormy bar where we got some signature drinks. For those of you Wet Willie fans, a Dark & Stormy is equally as potent as a “Call-a-Cab” so we headed off to Stone Street for domestic beers to avoid making asses out of ourselves. 

My friends down in Belize who run the Sailing club were badly missed as I know that The Comodore could have coached me up but we enjoyed our time down at Brookfield Place. Next time we are going to plan better but I can now check that off the list. By the way for those of you who plan on making a trip to NYC, get down to Stone Street! That place rocks!

English Boat and the Merican boat on the ‘Sail by’

The Harbor where they would bring in the winning Kiwi Team
I like to go Fast!!! Rubbin is not allowed in Americas Cup btw.
Stone Street in Lower Manhattan

No they don’t sell Pronto Pups at Americas Cup Races! Caviar and fancy foods are sold here
Andy & Cindy I hear they go to Chicago for the next race. I know some people in the Windy City…….


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