CBT’s Top 10 list for Memphians doing WCBCC this weekend

I do this every year for my fellow Memphians. This year because I am a resident of the Empire State I am happy to report that I can finally give my 9 readers the Unabashed top ten survival and suggestion guide for WCBCC. Before I get moving along I can already see the blank space on 4 faces of my New York readers so let me explain what The World Championship Barbeque Cooking Contest or WCBCC is about…. Think of these New York events; St Patrick’s Day Parade, San Gennaro Festival, Puerto Rican Day Parade, Halloween in the West Village, Mermaid Parade at Coney Island, Santacon in Manhattan, New Year’s Eve, The West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn and my favorite, the 7 Train at midnight on Saturday night on Payday. Now you roll all of those drunk ‘shit shows’ and you have Thursday night at WCBCC but with 85 degree heat And ‘swamp ass’ humidity. You get the picture? And people wonder why I didn’t go down this year…..
Anyway without further adieu, here are Carbunkle Trumpet’s suggestions and survival guide to WCBCC. Please note, if I find out that you break rules 6, 4, and number 2 consider yourself banned and unfriended from me. Here folks is the list;

10. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I say it each and every year, you see my lips moving but you never listen to Uncle Carbunkle Trumpet.

9G. Fashion for the Ladies – If you have to say “Does this XXX make…” the answer is YES and go put on more clothes. Same applies for high heel shoes in the park. Don’t get me wrong, I love a woman wearing high heels. I see it every day but the banks of the Mississippi is not the place to wear a yard of cloth and hooker heels. And don’t wear flip flops, closed toe shoes ladies.

9B. Fashion for the Boys – Boys, if you stand naked in the shower and cannot see your feet (I get it is cold in the bathroom) you should not be wearing a tank top that reads “Suns Out, Guns Out!”! Trust me, nobody wants to see that shit.

8. Get a Tetanus shot prior to heading down to Tom Lee Park – Believe it or not, you can get a nasty infection from an ice luge that isn’t properly disinfected.

7. While we are on the subject of booze, I would advise against drinking anything out of a mason jar. Everyone has cousin who lives in Kentucky and makes their own mash.

6. You will have ugly babies with 11 fingers if you have sex in a port-a-potie. Why? Is the smell of Jello shots, hickory smoke and blue water an aphrodisiac? You will get caught and I hope someone puts that shit on Instagram too! *DISLAIMER – I have heard of one couple getting caught each year since I was on staff with MIM. Whisky Tango Foxtrot people!

5. Speaking of bad behavior, I get it that you used to go down to BBQ fest when you were in college (hello, the majority of my readers are in their 40’s) but a lot of you are parents and have children who want to go down there. Don’t let them. I say this as I can already see you in the carpool line getting called out at (INSERT PRIVATE SCHOOL NAME HERE) carpool line by someone saying “Hi Mrs. X, I heard you let someone drink beer out of your cleavage last night.” *DISCLAIMER #2 – I know of 2 moms who will never look me in the eye still to this day.

4. Eat a friggin salad at lunch and drink 1 gallon of water each morning. There is not sufficient medical service in Tom Lee Park.

3. Speaking of service and I know this from firsthand knowledge. I don’t’ care how much you beg, the people driving the golf carts are not allowed to take on riders. If you have an elderly patron or someone with a broken leg you could have loaded them in the park on Wednesday so why should MIM have to worry about it?

2. If you get a DUI with the amount of Uber’s, Taxi’s, Lyft and places to crash downtown then you should never be allowed to drive again. Seriously (I am not kidding) you are a fucktard and should not be allowed to breathe my air. I have ZERO patience with this during big festivals in Memphis because people are not in their right mind anyway.

1. Ok, I am off my soapbox. For those of you who Social Media panhandle invites to BBQ teams booths let me let you in the park secret. Tell the doorman at the team you want to come in and freeload that “I saw Robo last night and he told I am invited.” #Robocares

Never knew where that woman ended up after that night. Pay no attention to Teddy Graham waiting till she sniffed the roofie. #cometoNYCAllisonandwhipmyass 
It is about the pork afterall ! 


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