Pictures from the Weeks Past

Losing a laptop will certainly mess with you mad organizational skills. Here are some pictures in no particular order.

IMG_1023Hey RJ, ML, BR, Double Birds and KM – Look I have a pool up here too for Friday Board Meetings. It may be across the street from St. Patrick’s Cathedral but it’s a pool.

IMG_1064I think this was the only day in May that the Asian Fireman worked.

IMG_1088aI so wanted to go up and knock on the door and ask if “The Shitter was Full”

IMG_1090Asked if they knew the LVD and they said they never heard of her.

IMG_1094Always good to see “The Carol”, LVD and baby Brother.

IMG_1103What to put on my bagel?

IMG_1128I must admit, I was jealous of Baby Fine Hair when she sent this pic to keep the tradition alive. For those of you wondering – Each and every Sunday of Beale Street Music Festival I would go down to the park on Sunday Han Solo as momma didn’t want to fool with it. So that I would remain married, I would always bring her a Pronto Pup on my way home. The pic on the right was 3 years ago when we had monumental rain and cold temps. My friends who took the pic couldn’t believe that I walked across the mud pit to get a Pronto Pup. They said I looked like Patton crossing into Italy. Momma wanted a Corn Dog!

IMG_1171Hey JL, I know your thoughts on 3pc Suits but what about skinny highwater pants?

 Have a good one.





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