Pictures of the Week! Happy Memorial Day

Skillet in the Elevator of our building holding golf clubs and luggage – “You not going to the Hamptons or Montauk this weekend?”
Me – “Nah, I am poor and will just drink cheap draught beer in the city with the other peasants, Bless your heart My Friend.”

IMG_1256I blame Mike King and the Flying Saucer for this!

IMG_1252Who doesn’t love a street fair?

IMG_1253Meat on a stick! Can I get an amen!

IMG_1254Who knew that our State Department buddy that gets to play with big guns had a gig on the side?

IMG_1255Anybody want to grab that and head to Koreatown for some Karaoke?

IMG_1272Sent this to my favorite chef stalker and cat dresser upper. Sadly this joint is locked up tighter than Dick’s hatband.

IMG_1285So that is the World Famous Bleeker Street Pizza joint that everyone talks about.

IMG_1284Who knew that Peter L opened a joint in Chelsea and named it after himself? I kid Pedro love ya!

IMG_1271If only that kid was a fourth!

Have a good Memorial Day and be careful out there. It is fleet week so Momma wants to go down and find her a sailor.


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