End of May – First Mention of Gold Bond in New York City

You guys remember my post about Gold Bond and surviving the heat in a major city from last August? Well guess who reared their ugly head this past week????Summer Heat and Humidity. I have documented how I don’t think that New Yorkers have sweat glands from wearing winter coats on warm days to how some places won’t kick on the air even if the ambient temperature is in the high 80’s. You add these and the fact that “I run hot” anyway and yep, our bathroom now resembles a Columbian Cocaine Kegger!
I know that there are some of you who are in outside sales saying “Come on CBT, you big P word” it was hot in Memphis too, grow a set!” Yes Memphis humidity is “Hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock hot” (S/O to SM aka Mr. Wizard for teaching me that statement) but trust me when I say that the radiant heat from the buildings and concrete make it just as unpleasant. Another big problem with outside sales here in Gotham that is different than Memphis is you don’t have a car AC to cool down. When I was working for HW/AMF I would blast that cold air in my Jeep between appointments to keep me from sweating through my shirt and shorts. Here we have to walk to our next appointment or worse, take a subway. Subways are great but they are underground where there is moisture and when you add heat and moisture……anyone ever walk down Middle Street in early September in San Pedro Belize? Trust me it sucks.
This past week I would leave the office, walk 10 blocks to my first appointment, lather up a good sweat and then go into the building. Thankfully my first appointment felt sorry for me and got me a glass of water. You then repeat this process 7 more times a day and you get the picture. I get back to the office and my shirt is sticking to me, my tie around my neck is now moist (love you Kaylee & Lana) and well lets just say that there is some serious chafing.  We have some guys on our team who also run hot and I looked to them for advice on how to stay cool. One guy sweats so bad he actually has a fan on his desk to keep cool but both of them told me that pretty much you have to deal with it. Walk on the shady side of the street. Schedule appointments with some ‘cool down’ at Starbucks and if at all possible stay in the same block or building. Oh and they also said to plan on spending a small fortune on dry cleaners during the summer too. Thanks guys and stay out of my drawer full of Gold Bond and deodorant.

IMG_1274Cabs help when having to go across town because you don’t know that lower Manhattan isn’t that close to Nolita

IMG_1281Hello boys, welcome back!

IMG_1286 (1)My dry cleaner loves me

Stay cool folks!


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