Go Download Some Songs From “Nada Surf” RIGHT NOW!

I need my 5 Memphis & 4 New York readers to do me a favor. I need you to go download some songs from a band called Nada Surf. Their favorite album is “Let Go” and their favorite songs include “Always Love”, “See These Bones”, and “blizzard of ’77”. Go do this now and even go “❤️” them on Facebook too. If you have a couple extra bucks buy yourself a band T-shirt from their Merch site too. Don’t worry I will wait for you while you go do this……….

Welcome back! So here is why I wanted you do to this for me. You see, yours truely pulled a bonehead move last Wednesday and the lead singer and guitarist of Nada Surf saved my ass. Last Wednesday I had an appointment with our Senior Operations Manager and we shared a cab to the clients office. I had my backpack but needed to check something out of it so I pulled out my Moleskin Black book to double check something. I put down the book to pay the cab driver and yes I left the damn book in the back of the cab. To the general public the book is useless and you probably can’t understand my chicken scratch but to me it was important and vital to my everyday work. We make the appointment and walk back to the office in Greenwich village. Thankfully I had the cab receipt so while I was on hold with 311 and my personal cell phone starts to ring. I answer it and the voice on the other end says “Is this Carbunkle Trumpet? I found your book in the back of a cab.”

I tell the gentlemen on the other end of the phone to tell me where he is heading and he informs me me he is heading to the Mega Bus stop on 34th between 10th & 11th streets. I tell him I will meet him there and I jump into another cab heading uptown. I get to the Mega Bus stop and text him that I have arrived. He pulls up a moment later and gives me the book. He tells me that if I could do him a favor; he informs me that he is in a band and if I could spread the word about his group he would appreciate it. I told him that I would be happy to and I asked him if he could please text me his address as I wanted to send him a reward for the book. He tells me that he doesn’t want the money but if I could spread the word about Nada Surf it would be a great “pay it forward”.

So there, if you can help a brother out and go like Matthew’s band I would appreciate it because you got to appreciate random acts of kindness from your fellow man.

IMG_1370The Book in Question – I can’t lose my Elvis Priestly business card!

IMG_1372I even plan on making it to a gig.

Doesn’t it make you feel kind of good that there are people who will help out each other when someone does something stupid? Have a good day and again thank you Matthew.



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