Pictures from Last Week

I forgot to post on Friday so I will add some pics from this weekend as well. We are off to have brunch with another Memphis friend and then down to see some BBQ buddies for the Big Apple BBQ. We also are going to try to avoid the Puerto Rican Parade as I hear it gets a little crazy or as Maria stated “Some drunk Puerto Rican will be pinching your ass!” Hey I may go check it out!

IMG_1402Happy Birthday to Rick James/Spud himself. I have known this joker the longest from way back to the days of Carol, William, Pokey, The Blue Beats and Sleep Out Louie’s. Happy 60th Didi!

IMG_1398I really could do a whole blog post on this but Mrs. Trumpet isn’t a fan of blog notoriety.  Here is one of her former Cancer Patients from St. Jude from way back. Great to see Ceres and we will see you next year.

IMG_1409Always great to see “Double Birds” MS!

IMG_1412Yep, we made it back to Jimmy’s Corner

IMG_1413The Faux Ivy is the new look up here.

IMG_1396Got my outfit for next weekend’s John McNick day at the Track!

IMG_1410They really don’t like Lightning up here.


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