Pictures from the past week

Happy Father’s Day to all those Daddy’s out there. Especially the ones who are first year Daddies and you know who you are!

IMG_1440I really need some inflatable pool floats for the pool that I don’t go to on Friday’s

IMG_1446How cool would it be to watch “House Of Cards” on that sucker. No LZ, & EM I won’t see if you can watch that crappy “Bachelor” show that you rot your brain on. And if either of you get Mrs. CBT to start watching that show it will be on like Donkey Kong!

IMG_1422Hell with shopping at Eataly, I prefer drinking on the roof of Eataly!

IMG_1415Sent this to Ernest Herbet last week and said that I sourced a great Pork Vendor in the Upper East Side. His reply was “Sheeet!”

IMG_1441Ahem MATA – One of your shitty Trolley’s escaped and was seen driving down 3rd Avenue. Oh when are you getting the ones that run on rails back up again? Yeah good luck with that.

IMG_1452My boy Haziff who runs the only drive thru Coffee Cart in Greenwich Village. This is also the same Coffee Cart that I let Will Arnett go in front of me to get a cup of coffee and he thanked me. I didn’t know who he was until a tourist told me.

IMG_1465Cherries are $17.00 a pound at Morton Williams across the street. Here they are $2.00 for a big ass bag of them. Care to guess where we get our produce each day?

Indecently, please don’t hate me if you start to see 3 posts during the work week. With my new position I find that I run out of time at the end of the day. You may start to see 3 posts a week and my pics of the week on the weekends. Keep it light and Happy Fathers day!




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