Look Up

One of the perks with my job, other than I get to steal all the office supplies I can fit into my pockets, is that I get to visit some really cool locations in Manhattan. Now due to a whole bunch of non-disclosure documents I can’t divulge much. The premise of this blog isn’t what I do in real life (Naked Cowboy singer in Times Square) anyway. What I will say  is that I get to visit some really cool offices that have killer views of the New York skyline, and parts of Brooklyn and New Jersey.
Before I put on the BVD’s and strutted myself around Times Square I had to follow some of my fellow street performers and see how they did their act. One day I was following one the reps who had to visit various offices on the East Side of Manhattan. We are finishing up meeting with her client and I asked if I could take a peek out of the clients 53rd floor window. Naturally the client was happy to oblige *I think he could tell by my accent I wasn’t from NYC* and I got a great view of Central Park looking north. We get into the elevator and I could tell that the rep was wondering why I asked that question to her client. I looked at her and said “we are in trenches and underground 90% of the day, it is nice to see how the ‘other side’ views the city. I don’t think she understood my comment or that her Midwest to Southern translator wasn’t working that day. *I am hoping that she isn’t one of my 5 NYC readers or she may punch me in the throat*
When I am with clients downtown or on the west side I am always taking a peek out their windows because it really can humble you when you think about the sheer size of this island. One of my favorite places to view the NYC Skyline is also one of Mrs. CBT and I’s first NYC date places, The Metropolitan Museum of Art on the Upper East Side. This past Friday to celebrate the weekend we headed over to 5th Avenue and headed upstairs to the rooftop. During the summers months they have drinks so one can hang out and drink overpriced beers but also check out the sweeping views of the city *who da fuck is this guy typing this dribble, sweeping views? He should have his ass kicked for saying that*. Anyway enough words, here are some killer pictures from this past Friday.

IMG_1461Looking South. Notice that big ass tall building in the middle of the picture. That sucker when complete will be the tallest residential building in the Northern Hemisphere. Problem is when there is a low cloud coverage the t0p 1/4th will be above the clouds and can’t see shit. Oh that and I hear it sways too.

IMG_1459Mother, you would like her….Yes that is the house from Psycho and pay no attention to that person taking my picture. I think my fly was down.

IMG_1462New Moon between the buildings

IMG_1464My favorite room in the Met.

So as the late Casey Kasum would say at the end of his broadcasts “Keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars.”


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