“We are in! Now where is this place?”

One thing that I find really neat about this island is that there is great pride for your neighborhood. Upper East, Hell’s Kitchen, Tribeca, Little Italy, SoHo, Upper West Side, Greenwich Village, I could go on for pages but it’s great that everyone has an opinion on the best neighborhood to live. As you know, we live in the Upper East Side solely because of the location to Mrs. Trumpet’s work joint. If we were to have it all over again, who knows where we would live.

One part of town that we haven’t really visited or frequented much would be the many of the joints on the Upper West Side (North of 59th Street west of Central Park) but it’s not for lack of trying. For one, because of our location near the middle of the park, the only way to transgress the park is via bus or constitutional yo ass over there via foot. Sadly, no subway will cross the park near our location so I guess that is my excuse. Well all that ended this past Sunday. A friend of ours messaged me saying that they were going over to watch the sunset at the 79th Street Boat Basin and if we wanted to join them. Let’s see; a sunset, cold beer, a full service restaurant and this joint is on the water? Giddy Up, we were in!  I inform Mrs. Trumpet that we would be spending the afternoon with Z squared and her comment was classic Mrs. CBT; “Great, but now where is this place?”  We grabbed an Uber and even the driver inquired if we knew where this joint was so we told him to head west on 79th street and stop when we get to water.

I have to admit that sitting on the terrace watching the boats on the Hudson, this place is really cool. You quickly forget you are in New York. The Boat basin for those of you wondering is a large marina where boats are actually allowed to be stored year round. It overlooks the Hudson river and was the scene of where Tom Hanks kept his boat during “You have got mail” and was used during the filming of “9 1/2 weeks”. A very popular place to watch the sunset and hang out. We shall be back.

NYC%20neighborhood%20mapHere is a map of Manhattan for those of you who needed a reference point

IMG_1490So this is what comes up on Google Maps when you wish to find out where the Boat Basin is located

IMG_1478Huge Rotunda for private events and fun stuff.

IMG_1480Oh yeah, this place  is cool!

IMG_1479Popular place to hang out for Upper West Side folks.

IMG_1481Under the Rotunda and ‘out of the sun for those pale face folks

IMG_1482This does not suck at all! Sadly I lost out on the placement of where Mr. Sol would land so I was out a buck. Hey I knew that if everyone bet the same spot what is the fun in that. Thanks to our friends for the invite, we shall be back.

For those of you wondering how to compare it to M-Town. You remember when F “Red Shorts” W had that house overlooking the river? Seriously this is pretty sweet.




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