This post will Suck – I already know it

You ever go to an event where people give speeches to a group?  You have that one person who absolutely kills it. I mean they bring the house down with applause and maybe even some crying. Then there is the next person up to give a speech who has to follow that person. It doesn’t matter how good that second person gives his/her speech it won’t hold a candle to the previous guy/gal. This blog entry is that second person. My last Friday entry on how one year our lives turned upside on its head was a pretty good hit with my (now 6 readers) as I heard from a lot of you giving me praise on it. Trust me, I am always humbled when I get a “like” or comment. I can see stats on each day and I am averaging 150 looks from people in the US and in Belize but I am not sure if it the same person who has spotty internet service or that many different readers. Feel free to drop me a line if you have a request, I am pretty accommodating. Anyway without further adieu, here is my Friday post that won’t hold a candle to last Friday’s post.

As some of you know, my office is in Greenwich Village and our spacious apartment is in the Upper East Side. That means I go from the East to the West and down 68 blocks to and from each day. According to Mr. Google Maps it should take me 39 minutes but because I have short legs and the F train can run behind, it actually takes me 45minutes to an hour. I try to be at my desk by 8:15ish so that I can get my paperwork done before the rest of the other office people show up. What can I say, I am a creature of habit and like the quietness in the morning. Basically I am walking out the door at 7AM and heading up to 63rd and Lex to catch the F Train.

Talk about a gumbo of different people and different cultures all riding together in 10 subway cars that is the F Train! The  train originates in Queens and does a U in Manhattan before heading to Brooklyn. By the time I get on it, it is pretty packed but empties out some when it gets to the first Manhattan stop at 63rd where I catch it. If you have never ridden a subway you have to know the code of Mass Transit. Rule 1 is that you never look at anyone in the eye. Look up, down, at your phone, or practice the “David Putty” stare but you never look at someone in the eye or you may get…..wait for it….spoken to. Normally the first thing that I am trying to do when I get on the train is to stop sweating because I just walked down, with an escalator’s help I might add, 11 stories below ground. Below are some general thoughts that go through my head during my daily commute. And no, I was not dropped on my head as a child or any of the houses I lived in have lead based paint. Random thoughts on the F Train;

  • Oh great here it is 90 degrees with the humidity and there is heavy sweater wearing dude. The man must not have sweat glands.
  • Dear Lord please let the person who just grabbed my ass be female. Please Lord let her daddy own a liquor store that specializes in high end cigars. Please let it be a female.
  • There is Mee Maw (older female that maybe 75) rocking her fresh tattoo on her arm and gold anklet. I bet she drinks draft beer!
  • Someone smells like Gold Bond, stale beer and cigars. Oh wait that’s me! 
  • (Older African American male preaching to those of us in the first car about how men should always give females their seat on a bus or subway) If anyone disagrees with that man I am punching them in the throat.
  • 3 days ago that French woman was rocking a business suit, yesterday she was in cutoff jeans and a tank top. Today she is wearing a short skirt and hoochie momma shoes. She has to be a call girl.
  • It is 7:55AM and Mrs. CBT is leaving the apartment. She will be at her desk at 8:00 AM and beat me to work.
  • Everyone on this train has their ear buds in. I wonder who is rocking out to The Highwaymen like me?
  • Is that guy wearing two different shoes? He is! God my day is already better than his!
  • Seriously please let that person who grabbed my ass be a female. I am too scared to turn around. Please be a woman.

IMG_150511 stories down so there is absolutely ZERO cell coverage

IMG_1522All aboard the F Train! Stand Clear of The Closing Doors

IMG_1506One of these days the Upper East Side Q train will be here too! Stop laughing JM

IMG_1501And we have reached our final destination


Have a good weekend, little baby sister is heading to town this afternoon.   



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