Pictures from last week

We had great weather this past week and weekend. Little Baby sister came in town for the weekend with her husband and we got some of the gang together for dinner in Little Italy. Hope you had a good weekend.

IMG_1494Visited Bleecker Street Pizza this past week. Yep, it lives up to the hype!

IMG_1496The Stonewall Inn where the start of the LGBT movement started here in NYC. We bought the NYPD Counter Terrorism guys some bottled water.

IMG_1499Everyone needs a Consultant you know?

IMG_1500Figured my first Chef sighting would be Bourdain, not Anne

IMG_1502Shout out to my boys at Engine 39 Ladder 16 for getting some residents of our building out of the elevator. No I wasn’t the one stuck.

IMG_1513Shout out to my girl DCG!

IMG_1540Got to love an Eye-Talian joint that already puts out the spaghetti spoon on the table.

IMG_1538I wondered why I had MPH on Sunday

IMG_1541Little Baby Sister and her Husband.

IMG_1509Walking down to work temps were in the mid 60’s

 Have a good week!



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