CBT’s Helpful Hints for Tourists visiting NYC

The other day I had to head up to a client’s office in the mid 50’s at Broadway. One of my work peeps was tagging along so we were walking and chatting which can be dangerous b/c you don’t really pay attention. We were heading north on 7th Avenue and w/o thinking we walked right into the middle of Times Square. The rep looked at me and asked me “why this route?” and I told her that “Hey you got to keep in touch with the common people!” but she was right, it was crowded as hell. On our way back we took 8th Ave to avoid the crowd and it was a little bit better.

Earlier in the week I was downtown and had appointments at the NYSE, Brookfield Mall and all parts in between. I cut across the world trade center footprints and witness the security guards reminding the visitors that they should be more respectful. You could tell that the Tourists didn’t get it as they were arguing with them. The guards had no choice and kicked them out. So with that here are some friendly suggestions for anyone visiting abroad (not just New York) to that you are not labeled an Ugly American Tourists.

  • The 9/11 Memorial is a reminder of the attacks on September 11th. Please be respectful because the loss of life on US soil was enormous. I get that people don’t put one and one together but that day is a day that all New Yorkers would like to forget.
  • When visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral please don’t wear a shirt that has the word “Fuck” on it. This is a house of worship.
  • Don’t take offense when someone runs up your back because you decided to stop on the street to look at your map.
  • When the sign says “Don’t Walk” it isn’t a suggestion it is a rule. Those yellow cabs will hit you.
  • If you decide to use one of the Citi Bikes don’t drive that sucker on the sidewalk. We have bike lanes for a reason. And don’t take an offense if Maria is cursing you and giving you “the finger”!
  • If you are in love and feel the need to hold hands as you walk down the street expect dirty looks as you are blocking the majority of the sidewalk.

IMG_1517I had nothing to do with the dumpster fire of stock market crash last Friday. I blame English Mike’s countrymen.

IMG_1521Kind of sad that they have to have this on the grounds at the 9/11 Memorial

IMG_1520This Brooks Brothers next to the Memorial was a Morgue after the attacks.

IMG_1537Stay your ass on the sidewalk until you get the “walk” signal.


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