“Let me tell you about this Fish”

Fourth of July holiday weekend, time to count the number of Emergency Room visits where the injured’s persons last words were “Hold my Beer and Watch This!” As I type this,  yesterday the overhyping news agencies were reporting that an explosion went off in Central Park and the city was in lock down. It was more like someone was trying to set off a homemade firework in broad daylight and skillet (haven’t used that term in a while) blew off part of his foot. This 3 day weekend we were going to stay in town and had plans on each day with friends in a different part of the city. Saturday morning we arise and head to Penn Station to catch a 10:50 train to Wantagh Long Island to hang with our friends RP & MC. Now this is our first trip to Long Island and I have to say, it is rather nice and I see the attraction for people who have families and a need grass and a backyard.

We arrive at Casa de P and head to the backyard where he has a great pool and entertaining patio deck. Because the Monkey heads are good with other dogs we were allowed to bring them and they enjoyed the trip on the LIRR. In addition to burgers and dogs our host had prepared a whole Yucatan Style Red Snapper for us to have for dinner. To say that this was impressive is an understatement! We enjoyed our afternoon and evening with tons of stories and some good ball busting. What a great way to start the 4th of July holiday weekend!

IMG_15879lbs with the head and guts removed on the grill. The Tomato ragu covering the fish takes 3 hours alone to prepare. Ahem RJ you paying attention? This could be a good dish that Katie can make us for dinner one night.

IMG_1590Cut that sucker up baby! We will chew 20 times to make sure there are no bones in it!

IMG_1595The Surgeon hard at work!

IMG_1597RP – “Bob I swear to God if you touch my fish one more Fecking time, I am going to cut you!”  Bob – “I got two words for you!”

IMG_1593That is a lot of fish!

IMG_1600I have never laughed so hard in my life that day! Such a good time!

IMG_1601The fish was good, I have had something similar at the Ritz in Aruba that was equally as good.

IMG_1581Kimmie terrorizing the Monkey Heads.

IMG_1602The “Asshole” getting to eat some of the fish

IMG_1603Maya – that big white dog turns his head and I am getting some of that fish!

IMG_1586Hadn’t seen him in 15 years!

Again thank you R & M for a great afternoon and evening!





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