Let’s go to New Jersey!

Day two of the 3 day weekend and I had messaged Zsquared a couple of days ago seeing if they were in town for the weekend. We had collectively decided on Sunday to do a little Sunday Funday but had left the venue open. My boss had mentioned a while back about a pier over in Hoboken NJ (Birthplace of Francis Albert Sinatra) where you can hang out, grab some beers, and they have food trucks for snacks and stuff. FZ and I agreed on the location and we would meet up in the early afternoon. Now please understand I have no friggin way how to get over there. My boss keeps mentioning the PATH train and because I had just mastered the Long Island Rail Road I left the “how and where” up to Mrs. CBT.

We grab an uber pool but miss the 1:50 ferry from the 39th street pier.  Luckily we grab the 2:10 ferry and because I was feeling nostalgic I let our Memphis friend “LVD” LB know about our progress to Hoboken. We get to the pier and I have to give big ups because my boss is now 3 for 3 on killer venues. Do you recall in the movie Jaws where Chief Brody says “it only looks like an island from the water?” Sitting over in New Jersey you don’t really get how big and massive Manhattan really is. We spend the afternoon hitting pretty much all discussion topics that one can while enjoying Sangrias, Frozen Boat Drinks and Beers and then decide to retreat back to our island.

To finish up the afternoon/early evening we head over to Zsquared’s apartment on W46th in the Theater district to enjoy Manhattans on the roof terrace. Yeah we really have it rough, and it is amazing how peaceful it is when you are 5 stories up above the tourists making their way on the street. We say our goodbye’s and head back to the Upper East Side where it is pretty nice when the city is empty because we made it back in no time! Good times and who would have guessed that LZ secretly wants a Sea Turtle chest plate tattoo. (probably going to get a throat punch for that comment)

IMG_1617Nothing says Merica like Red, White and Blue Frozen Boat Drinks.

IMG_1607They have picnic tables and all kinds of lounge chairs to hang out and view the city

IMG_1609You don’t really grasp how massive Manhattan really is till you see if from a different perspective.

pier13-2-bigThey have the “Brady Bunch” fake AstroTurf to keep things cool (when it actually is pretty breezy over there) so you can lounge around.

IMG_1610View from the Terrace Deck looking north up 8th Avenue

IMG_1611Yes I am squishing heads – What can I say, I am a teenager trapped in a 46yo body.

IMG_1614I wanted LVD to feel loved so I included her in the message. I have done this a couple of times to the owner of the Kooky Canuck as his first name and Mrs. CBT’s are similar. And by the way Shawn, I really do love you!

Good Times on a Sunday. Of course, when one of us wins the lottery, we are buying a pier in Manhattan and doing something like this too!

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