Pictures of the Week

Long Weekend folks, I think that a picture of my liver is going to be on a milk carton very soon. Between the sunburn, shaking hands and a desire to have something that isn’t smoked it was great seeing everyone this past weekend. I will discuss that later but here are some pictures for my 6 readers. Be careful out there folks it’s Monday.

IMG_5053Will all of you feckers move? I can’t get a good shot of the sunset!

IMG_1738I would rather be a Bama Fan than drink Rose. Yes I am looking at you JAM & LZ.

IMG_1659I may need a little religion after this weekend.

IMG_1739Are you fecking kidding me with these prices?

IMG_1740Sons of Motherless whores, how in God’s name can you charge that for Bologna. I shudder to think what King Cotton Bologna would cost up here.

IMG_1720No this isn’t a crotch shot or me showing off the stems. My buddy FW would appreciate my choice of clothing for the Boogie Down.

IMG_1701Yep, it gets hot up here so Cabbies have to do something to keep us passengers cool.

More later, now I got to catch a train.



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