“Is it Hot Enough for You?”

That phrase is synonymous with anyone who wants a good ole punch in the throat. They say it in the South, they also say it here in the North. I walk into a building up here with my shirt sticking to me, my silk tie is moist (S/O to Kaylee & Lana but they don’t love me anymore) and the security guard asks me that question. Sure I want to smack him upside his head but I need to go see a customer that I don’t have an appointment so I play along with his stupid question.

Be careful out there folks, check on the elderly (Hell check on the 46 year old wearing a pinstripe suit who will be in the financial district today) and stay hydrated.

IMG_5097Nipped this off of my good friend DR who took posted this picture yesterday. No that isn’t in Vegas or the desert. That is in Crime-Free Memphis TN!!! I bet our former admin who moved to Memphis from NYC is starting to question why she moved to the 3rd ring of hell. This my folks is what we call “Hotter than 2 rats screwing in a wool sock!”

Have a good weekend.


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