What a weekend

So this one is probably going to go over the heads of a lot of Memphians because to understand this you have to be here. It is hotter than 3 rats screwing in a wool sock in this city. The humidity that we have here is not like that of Memphis because the dew point isn’t as high as it is down south hence your glasses don’t fog up when you walk outside. Still I am stinking up suits sweating my ass off like its nobody’s business. You add the residual build up of heat from the buildings, sidewalks, and streets….well you get the picture, it is SWAMP ASS Hot!  I wondered why everyone heads out of town each weekend during the summer and I finally get it. It is actually cooler when you get off of this rock called Manhattan.

Saturday we headed back to Wantagh Long Island for Round 2 of the Fish. You remember The Fish don’t you? Well our host prepared even a bigger one this time around. As we were hanging out I noticed that it wasn’t as humid as they claimed it would be but was informed that because of a thing called grass it is actually cooler in Long Island. The bad is that when it is winter it is noticeably colder so it is a trade off. It actually was nice sitting outside for the entire afternoon because the temps were much cooler and there was zero humidity.  All those Jones & Rockaway beach people have this shit figured out. Anybody got a house we can crash at in the Hamptons? Murphranks & Asian Fireman you want to go to Long Island for a wine tasting to escape this Hot as Balls weather?

IMG_1765Are you fecking kidding me? My Ex Work Wife, Amy Farrah Fowler, knows my thoughts on Gluten Free and Vegans. #shittyhunter

IMG_1762An Atheist, a Crossfitter and a Vegan are all sitting at a bar….
….and I only know this because they won’t shut the f*ck about it.

IMG_1764She was not happy that Peppers won the “Who wore it Better” contest.

IMG_1807Here is the Before Picture.

IMG_1806Here is the After!!!

 Thanks to RP & MC for the hospitality.




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