A Three Hour Tour….

On Sunday rather than our Dive Bar Search we headed over to the West Village for a work event with Mrs. Trumpet’s day job. We were to take a 3 hour boat ride around Manhattan with lunch and drinks. We took off from Pier 40 which was ironically one block from my office and headed North up the Hudson. We passed by Hoboken and pier 13 in New Jersey were we had a fun Sunday Funday with Z squared back during the 4th of July and then headed back South to head around to the east side. To finish up the cruise we headed back to see the bitch in the harbor. There isn’t much to talk about a boat cruise so I will get on with the pictures.

IMG_1773Pier 13 in Hoboken, You can almost see the fist pumps from here.

IMG_1787Nice day for a boat ride

IMG_1786I really need to get a boat or find someone who has a boat.

IMG_1779One World Trade

IMG_1780Lower Manhattan and the Financial District

IMG_1778Kind of a cool shot of the Brooklyn Bridge

IMG_1770One of the many cruise ships that sail from Manhattan.

IMG_1772The Intrepid docked on the Hudson

IMG_1767Here we go again, with the pinching of heads

IMG_1783Closest we got to the bitch in the harbor who actually has an address in New Jersey

IMG_1782But first let me take a selfie. Shout out to J.J. who is the champion of Selfie’s

I encourage all to take a ride on a boat tour if  you are given the opportunity.


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