Pictures of the Week and from Grand Rapids

I have a strict rule with “You Mean to Tell Me That You Don’t Have Sweet Tea” in that I won’t take anyone’s picture without further approval as I respect everyone’s privacy.  I had someone ask me a while back “I have seen pictures on your blog of whom I think is the Asian Fireman but he doesn’t look Asian to me?” as I even change names to protect the innocent. Another scruple that I have is that I won’t take a picture of someone who has over imbibed and can not safely operate heavy machinery.

That being said, of the 75 pictures I took in Grand Rapids I can only use maybe 5 of them and who wants to see pictures of people just waking up. Well even 2 of those are subject so here is a rather small offering of pics from this past weekend.

PS – When is it going to get cooler in this God Forbidden Hot Box called Manhattan? I am looking at you ML, RP, JM, DS, JL, EL, LZ, FZ, and a few others! We left the south because of this weather!

IMG_1922Those are two good looking SOB’s if you ask me! I bet they were in the same Fraternity too!

IMG_1879Stop One – It was early, we maybe only had a case of Mimosa’s and this was the first beer @ Founders

IMG_1886I think this was the former Funeral Parlor now turned Brewery. They have A LOT of Breweries in Grand Rapids.

IMG_1910We took a Sand Dune Buggy Ride on Sunday!

IMG_1912Not sure what we have here but Benita is a getting her Senior Pictures taken.

IMG_1915Don’t let her small size and stature fool you. She will keep you up late!

IMG_1917Ingenious! They have heated streets in Michigan! We need that here! Or at least Air Conditioned streets!

IMG_1905Sherwin Williams must have had a special on Battleship Grey Paint Exterior.

IMG_1904Oh there were ZERO lies being told around this M’Effer each night!

IMG_1966BTW – We haven’t even left LGA’s parking lot as of yet. Get your shit together! *Pay no attention to those puffy fingers, it was the flight I tell you. Not 3 days with Uncle Tito!

Thanks to S&K for a great weekend! We can’t wait to get you up here!




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