Southern to Northern Expressions

It happens all the time up here. I make a comment and the next thing I know people stop in mid-sentence, start laughing or ask me to please repeat what I just said. It happens to Mrs. Trumpet too when she is with her contemporaries, she will make a comment and her work peeps will look at her like she just dropped an F bomb (which isn’t that big of a deal) in front of a nun. I keep asking myself “How in the world have they not heard this saying?” Yet our Northern friends look at me like I just farted in a packed elevator. Below are some of our favorites sayings; *Disclaimer – Hey former Neighbor don’t read this if you are on a conference call*

  • “It is hotter than 2 rats screwing in a wool sock hot.” – talking about the weather
  • “Let’s do something, even if it is wrong.” – decision making
  • “The mosquitoes are so big down here I saw one stand flatfooted and rape a turkey.” – pretty self-explanatory if you ask me.
  • “Boy Howdy” – Yes you are correct
  • “Yes Mam/Sir, No Mam/Sir” –I am not calling you old, I was raised that if you didn’t say Mam/Sir then you got smacked.
  • “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise” – being hopeful
  • “Tighter than Dick’s Hatband” – something being too snug
  • “My Friend” – *You will just have to ask me*
  • “Foam Ringing” – *this is actually Sonny Wilson’s favorite term* – Phone ringing
  • “Well Bless Your Heart” – *No Comment*

Please message me if you think I missed one.

Have a good day and thanks for tuning in!



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