Tips for Traveling Abroad!

I am sure you are wondering what is up with the title. You see CBT cares about his 6 readers and wants them to be aware when you are traveling abroad. That and the old saying “If you know the past you can predict the future” rings true here. After this post we are taking our show on the road and taking up a week long residence at 21.2367° N, 86.7358° W should anyone care. So without much fanfare, here are some helpful trips for traveling abroad;

1. When you leave the United States of America you are now a visitor to the country that you are visiting and will be held to the rules and laws said country. Also learn a couple sayings in that country’s language. It helps.

2. Leave all expensive jewelry and flashy rings at home. It just attracts attention to thieves.

3. If staying at a hotel or resort do yourself a favor and take a picture of your hotel door with the room number. You would be amazed how many people can’t recall this when returning home from a night out on the town.

4. When carrying a purse or bag, carry only the necessary items needed for travel. Do you really need your library card in Mexico?

5. No need to carry all of the money that you brought with you in your wallet or purse. I am sure that it is “An obscene amount of money” but no reason to lose it if you do something silly. #Willrule

6. When packing your luggage, it is probably best not to bring any fruits, vegetables or 4 pounds of slim jims. Yes I am looking at you KC. #katierule

7. Looking for a good place to eat or drink that is off the beaten path? Don’t rely on Yelp or Travelocity, ask the bartender that you happen to be slung up at and he/she will send you to the happening place.

8. Don’t try to Americanize the country you are visiting. In all my travels to Belize I never saw a vineyard on the island. Hence wine was 3 times as expensive as the local rums or beers. Enjoy something different in your life.

9. Don’t be Ryan Lochte. Period

10. Should you find yourself breaking rules numbers 1, 6, and or 9 be prepared to end up here on this blog if you get out of Mexican Prison.

10614120_10152795630024928_4081401712209046065_nYep, nothing better than sitting on the side of the street drinking a beer and smoking a cigar!

1174464_10151963087414928_1906985396_nI hope they have plenty of blenders ready for us!

See you when we get back. Enjoy your week.




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