Pictures of the Week from a different Island

So here are some pics that I can share with my 6 readers.  Busy day today, heading to 11 Wall Street.

IMG_2009Yes that is a scorpion in the bottle and No I didn’t partake in this!

IMG_2017The lead singer did not play. 6 inch F me pumps and she jammed!

IMG_2020Lots of kids with their families at Playa Norte. So much fun to be a kid on that island.

IMG_2024The Ernest Herbert Mellor Drink Combo (Margarita on the Rocks and Beer)

IMG_2036Post Sunday Funday Adult Swim. Yes everyone was wearing approved swimwear.

IMG_2041That damned Ernest Herbert Drink Special again!

IMG_2047RJ rented a bike for he and I to ride on to the beach.

IMG_2054The best we could figure out was that it was generic Bud Light. Of course $39.90pesos /16 to 1 exchange rate = $2.49 for a 6 pack or .41 cents a beer. GFY Natural Light!

IMG_2058RJ – I am going to bring the cart to BoBo’s. That way we have immediate seating for 4 at the bar.

IMG_2059She needs her hat with that outfit.

IMG_2060Another fun time at Bobo’s

IMG_2061I needed a little religion on Monday morning.

IMG_2063Damnit CBT, lay off the Katie Pictures.

IMG_2118Where we had dinner on the last night.

IMG_2119Fancy Wine Bucket here in Mexico

IMG_2121Someone’s Fun-O-Meter went kaput.

IMG_2128Not sure what it was but SG was pumped that he finally found it!

IMG_2130Isla>CUN>ATL>LGA = Depression mode in full effect

IMG_2131I want to go back to Isla Mujeres! This blows!


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