Carbunkle Trumpet the Graffiti Artist

Labor Day weekend we decided to stay in the city because we were still recovering from Mexico that and Momma wanted to get some reading done for her first day of classes at NYU. Friday night we went out with AV & DJ to check out the Frying Pan on the Hudson and ended up staying a little later than usual. On Saturday morning I was asked to do a little project for Mrs. Trumpet’s make up stand in our master bedroom lounge. The table that she purchased from IKEA was a little too short for her so she needed me to make some table extensions for it.

You have no idea how long it has been since I have been to a guy’s toy store, Home Depot, I was giddy with excitement. I figured I would get a 2X4 cut up and build a little T shaped base and put some casters on it so we can roll it out of the way to get to storage under the bed. To keep it aesthetically pleasing I was going to paint the wood black to match the base of the table. I get the wood cut, find some casters that didn’t cost me a fortune, got all the hardware and figured that a can of Black Spray Paint would do the job.

I go into the paint department and find that the spray cans were all locked up tighter than Dick’s hatband. I find an associate and ask him what is up and he tells me that because of New York’s Anti-Graffiti laws it isn’t sold to the general public. I am really scratching my head and I show Skillet the wood and tell him about my project and he asks me where I was going to paint the wood. Corner of First Avenue and E71st Street was my response and he tells me that I am not allowed to spray in public or inside buildings. Seriously I am dumbfounded, dude it isn’t like I am making Meth, I just want to paint some wood!

Needless to say I grab a can of black paint, a brush, a plastic drop cloth and get to work. I get done with my project and naturally go over to ‘reward’ myself at the Cigar Inn and I GTS (Google that Shit) about the spray paint rules of NYC. Apparently there is a rule. Who knew? You can smoke dope on the city streets but can’t spray paint. Oh well. At least I got my Home Depot fix taken care of for the week.

IMG_2186Not sure what the problem it, the desk fits me just fine.

Spray PaintStill befuddles me….

IMG_2185Who Cares, I am making something and getting to use my drill!

IMG_2184Project in the works!

IMG_2187If I didn’t read it with my own eyes, I would have said you were fucking with me.

IMG_2220Finished Product

Wait till I start making Moonshine in the UES!





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