If you know the past….

You can predict the future.

Yes I have said that quote a million times.  I am not sure who originally said it but it speaks volumes. Case in point was very evident this past week. I was away from NYC last week for some training. God Bless my Staten Island brother from another mother for holding the foam in my absence, he was busy. During breaks I would check email and I got a lot of “the double decker tour bus didn’t pick me up” or “the double decker bus was late or early” messages and I didn’t have a clue. Was NYC & the Upper East Side falling apart because I was in the land of Delta Blues? What gives?

It wasn’t until I got an email from the Tour Bus director on Tuesday late that it made sense. With the United Nations General Assembly and the heightened security from the Chelsea bombings on the prior Saturday night there would be additional road closures and traffic delays on the East Side. You see, our tour busses were getting stuck in traffic so we ran our schedules a couple hours earlier to meet the demand of tourists. I passed this information over to those clients who were emailing me and the majority of them were ok with it. There were some who didn’t appreciate it. My response was simple to those foreign tourists; I am sorry that my country is making your bus late, bring it up with the NYPD & Homeland Security.

I have one client who normally picks up his tour bus near 3 foreign embassies/consulates and they weren’t having any of this. I get back into Gotham Thursday night and planed to visit them on Friday morning. I wanted to do a joint day with another Tour Bus ticket seller on Friday but she bagged me for sweat pants and was going to WFH (work from home) so back to the suit I went.  I get to the clients location and seriously this person is pissed. I ask them to walk outside with me. I point down the street to one of the Forign embassies on his block and ask him if they see the officers wearing riot gear and holding the long guns. I (nicely as I can and with a southern accent) tell my client that they should voice their complaint to them. He calms down and I asked him if this is his first UN General Assembly tour. He tells me he has been here for 10 years. “You weren’t here when the Pope was in town last year?” was my question and he then admitted to overacting.

Going back to the title of this worthless dribble…. This behavior reminds me of living in Memphis. The folks who bitch each year about Memphis in May, River Arts Festival, Cooper Young, and Southern Folk Festival. You have two options; leave town or pipe down! Sure it is a pain in the ass but you have to deal with it.  Bitching won’t help your cause and it’s only a week, enjoy the distraction of sirens, bike rack and State Department folks walking around speaking into their sleeves.

img_5316Black SUV and blacked out windows with running boards…Must be a Secret! Yes they get their own lane on the double streets.

What the Feck….Is that a Prevost on the Curb…What Drunk ass parked that on E67th Street…..Oh wait (you can’t see it from this pic) there is a Diplomat plate on the front of that bus. And yes that is the Ukraine Embassy to the right of the bus.

It is not like they didn’t’ warn us that this shit was going to happen. Yes the actions that happened 2 Saturdays ago didn’t help and they did add more closures but get over it! Either you like it or you move somewhere else!

Yes, I have no shame in Tyson’ng a visit with a Food Celeb. By the way W. Askew, B. Duffel, and A. Tyson – I will have many Vodka’s with Zamir one of these days! It will happen! Just give me time!

Enjoy the week, Love one another, Hug a stranger, and by the way quit bitching about the stuff you can’t control. Nobody wants to hear that noise.


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