What do Pierce Brosnan, Steve Martin, and Calista Flockhart all have in common?

They all got to see the World Famous Carbukle Trumpet on Madison Avenue this past week.   Last week I was heading uptown on Madison Ave near E63rd and walking past me is a gentlemen wearing a “Late Night” hat. This gentlemen you may wonder is none other than “Mr. Wild & Crazy Guy” Steve Martin in the flesh. We exchange pleasantries, he tells me to make sure momma doesn’t have any snails on her plate of escargot and that’s about it.

Same day and a couple of blocks uptown I see a woman wearing one of those big oversized floppy hats. I probably would have given it much thought but the hat caught my eye. Under the hat behind some ridiculous black sunglasses is Ally McBeale herself. I will be honest, time hasn’t been kind to Calista. I guess her living with Han Solo has taken its toll (she still with Harrison Ford? I don’t subscribe to People magazine anymore) because she looked like she was rode hard and put up wet.

So fast forward to Thursday mid morning. My boss and I just exit a customer’s location on Madison Ave at E70t street and while we chatting this tall fellow in a dark coat walks past us. I look at him and then at my boss and back to him and my boss can see the hamster wheel turning in my head. Thankfully the hampster was on duty and it comes to me; “Holy Sheet! That is the guy who banged Halle Berry, Denise Richards, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Rene ‘Effin’ Russo!” My boss, who is in the same age group as I am, didn’t get a good look at Mr. Crown so we start stalking walking south to catch a look at 007. I yell out one of those “Hey look, it’s a Chicken!” and he turns around. Yep, it was him and I will just tell you that he is aging quite well. I call Mrs. Trumpet to tell her who we see and she was all in a frenzy.

Friday night was the night of Women’s Wine Club so I ran like a little girl to the Cigar Inn. I walk in and naturally am met with my balls being busted. Alex tells me that the “Trump  Room” is in the middle of a staff meeting so I should hurry back to the front room unless I want a cabinet position. I walk to the back and I see a gentlemen wearing a grey pinstripe suit smoking a cigar who vaguely looks familiar. I select my cigar and walk back and glance at the gentlemen again. I think to myself “that guy looks just like XXXX XXXXXXX!” *editors note I was asked by some gentlemen who looked like they could stuff me into a cigar locker to not put on social media that I was sharing a cigar with a former NY mayor and fellow Italian. So I just texted Mrs.Trumpet instead* I guess that my friend wanted a break from all the action at 5th Ave & 57th street.

Anyway it was a good week for Pierce, Calista, Steve and Rudy to see Carbunkle Trumpet. Hope you had a good weekend.


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